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11989A Comparative Study on Schizophrenia Diagnosed by ICD-9 and DSM-III: Course, Family History and Stability of Diagnosis.Hai-Gwo Hwu; C. C. Cheng; J. S. Strauss; K. L. Tan; M. T. Tsuang; W. S. TsengActa Psychiatr Scand 
21989Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Taiwan Defined by the Chinese Diagnostic Interview ScheduleHai-Gwo Hwu; Eng-Kung Yeh; Ly-Yung ChangActa Psychiatr Scand 
31994Risk Factors of Alcoholism in Taiwan Chinese: An Epidemiological ApproachHai-Gwo Hwu; Eng-Kung Yeh; Yuan-Lih YehActa Psychiatr Scand