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12009Bilateral Complicated Stromal Dissections during Mechanical Epikeratome Separation of the Corneal EpitheliumCHEN, YAN-MING; HU, FUNG-RONG; SU, PEI- YUANG; CHEN, WEI-LI; 陳彥名JOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY 
22007The Correlation of Pupil Size Measured by Colvard Pupillometer and Orbscan IiHSIEH, YI-TING; HU, FUNG-RONGJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY 
32007The correlation of pupil size measured by Colvard pupillometer and Orbscan IIHsieh, Yi-Ting; Hu, Fung-RongJournal of Refractive Surgery 
41986The Effect of Different Radial Keratotomy Pattern on Astigmatism in Rabbits丘子宏; Busin, M.; McDonald, M. B.; Kaufman, H. E.; Yau, Chi-Wang; McDonald, M. B.; Kaufman, H. E.Journal of Refractive Surgery 
52005Effect of Tear Film Break-up on Higher Order Aberrations of the Anterior Cornea in Normal, Dry, and Post-Lasik EyesLIN, YI-YING; LIN, PI-JUNG; HU, FUNG-RONG; WANG, I-JONGJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY 
62009Intraindividual Comparison of Functional Vision and Higher Order Aberrations after Implantation of Aspheric and Spherical Intraocular LensesSU, PEI-YUANG; HU, FUNG-RONGJOURNAL OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY