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11999Change in the Modulation and Critical Flicker Frequency in High Myopia PatientsCHEN, PAUL-CHUAN; WOUNG, LIN-CHUNG; YANG, CHENG-FENG; LIN, LUKE LONG-KUANG; SHIH, YUNG- FENG; 陳寶全; 翁林仲; 楊正烽; 林隆光; 施永豐中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.38 
21999The Changes of Accommodation in Schoolchildren with Atropine UsingHUANG, JAU-KANG; LIN, LUKE LONG-KUANG; HUNG, POR-TYING; SHIH, YUNG-FENG中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.38 
31999A Review of Myopia Studies in TaiwanLIN, LUKE LONG-KUANG; SHIH, YUNG-FENG中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.38