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11998150 Sec-Arc Random-Dot Stereogram Made with Ibm Personal Computer王藹侯; 林隆光; WANG, AI-HOU; LIN, LUKE LONG-KUANG中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.37 
21998The Effects of Transscleral Cryotherapy and Diathermy on Normal Ocular Growth in RabbitsYANG, CHUNG-MAY; SHIH, YUNG-FENG; CHEN, MUH-SHY; HUNG, POR-TYING中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.37 
31998Human Smooth Pursuit and Flying Path of Mosquitoes王藹侯; 王康帆; 項怡鳴; WANG, AI-HOU; WANG, MELODIE KANG-FAN; XIANG, YI-MING中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌,v.37