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11983Clinical Experience in Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury Assicoated with SchizophreniaLiang, Huey-Wen; Wang, Tyng-Guey; Lien, I-Nan; Liang, Huey-Wen; Wang, Yen-Ho; 王亭貴; Lai, Jin-Sin; Lien, I-Nan復健醫學會年會 
21994Incidence and Outrome of Dysphagia in Individuals with Acute Cerebrovascular AccidentWang, Tyng-Guey; Chiu, Ming-Jang; 王亭貴; Lien, I-Nan; Lu, Chih-Whei; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Lee, Sian-King; Lee, Ti-Kai復健醫學會年會 
31994Miller Fisher 症候群合併吞嚥障礙之治療:病例報告張綺芬; 林裕晴; 謝富美; 王亭貴; 彭信逢; 連倚南; 林裕晴; Wang, Tyng-Guey; Lien, I-Nan復健醫學會年會 
41993Videofluoroscopic Examination Cerebrovascular Accident with Swallowing Disorder in Recurrent vs Brain Stem StrokeLu, Chih-Whei; Chang, Yeun-Chung; Wang, Tyng-Guey; Hsieh, Fu-Mei; Lien, I-Nan; Lu, Chih-Whei; 張允中; 王亭貴; Hsieh, Fu-Mei; Lien, I-Nan復健醫學會年會 
51993吸入性肺炎與吞嚥障礙之相關性探討陳信水; 王亭貴; 張允中; 張綺芬; 連倚南; Lien, I-Nan復健醫學會年會