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11993Differential Concentration Effect for Postoperative Pain by Epidural Patient-Controlled Fentanyl Analgesia:a Preliminary ReportChen, C. L.; Huang, C. H.; Lin, Shian-Yeang; Chang, G. L.; 孫維仁; 黃啟祥Chinese Journal of Pain 
21994Ethical Guidelines for Investigations of Experimental Pain in Conscious AnimalSun, Wei-ZenChinese Journal of Pain 
31991Interactions Between Protooncogene and Mechanism of AnalgesiaChen, Ta-Liang; Fan, Shou-Zen; Sun, W. Z.; 陳大樑; 范守仁Chinese Journal of Pain 
41991Interactions Between Protooncogene and Mechanism of AnalgesiaSHOU-ZEN FAN Chinese Journal of Pain 
51995Molecular Marker for Pain? the Role of C-Fos Proto-Ongene in Signal TransductionSun, Wei-Zen; Lin, Swei-Ming; Liu, Chien-Chiang; 孫維仁; Ho, Wen-Yeong; Shieh, Jeng-Yung; Lin, Swei-Ming; Liu, Chien-ChiangChinese Journal of Pain 
61991Protooncogene and Analgesia孫維仁; Fan, Shou-ZenChinese Journal of Pain 
71994Taxonomy of Pain(I)Sun, Wei-Zen; Tseng, Chin-Kai; 孫維仁; Tang, Chao-ShunChinese Journal of Pain 
81994Taxonomy of Pain(II)Sun, Wei-Zen; Tang, Chao-Shun; Tseng, Chin-Kai; 孫維仁; Tang, Chao-ShunChinese Journal of Pain 
91994Two-Dimensional Analgesic Ladders:a Comprehensive Strategy Towards Neuropathic PainChen, Y. A.; Sun, Wei-Zen; Hou, W. Y.; Fu, S. H.; Lin, Shian-Yeang; 陳育安; 孫維仁; 侯文詠; Wen, Y. R.; Fu, S. H.; 林仙養Chinese Journal of Pain 
101991催眠止痛吳宗正; 林仙養; 劉健強; 湯兆舜Chinese Journal of Pain 
111993心理失調對重度燒傷青少年使用病人自控式止痛的影響Sun, Wei-Zen; 侯文詠; 林仙養; 陳育安; 伍淑敏; 張慈惠; 林佐武; 孫維仁Chinese Journal of Pain