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12000Assessments of Anthropometric Factors of Hand and Wrist in Patients with Carpal Tunnel SyndromeCHEN, HUEI-WEN; CHANG, CHEIN-WEI; WU, YI- JANE; CHAO, KENG-YU; 陳惠文; 張權維; 吳怡珍; 趙耿裕中華民國復健醫學會雜誌,v.28 
22000The Entrapment Syndrome of the Intermediate Dorsal Cutaneous Branch of the Superficial Peroneal Nerve: A Case ReportCHEN, HUEI-WEN; CHANG, CHEIN-WEI; CHEN, SSU-YUAN; 陳惠文; 張權維; 陳思遠中華民國復健醫學會雜誌,v.28