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11989Evaluate Total Hip Prosthesis Loosening with Acoustic Vibration TechniqueChang, W. H.; Ho, J. K.; 劉華昌; Chang, W. H.; Liu, Hwa-ChangJournal of the Biomedical Engineering Society, ROC 
21987Implant Failure and Metal Damage:Clinical and Metallurgical StudiesChen, Yinn-Ling; Huang, Li-Hung; 王正一; Wang, Wen-Hsiung; Chen, Hong-Yie; Hang, Yi-Shiong; 江清泉; 陳盈伶g; 黃麗紅; 王正一; 王文雄; 陳弘毅; 韓毅雄Journal of the Biomedical Engineering Society, ROC