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120081.2- to 2.2-μm tunable Raman soliton source based on a Cr : Forsterite laser and a photonic-crystal fiberChan, M.-C.; Chia, S.-H.; Liu, T.-M.; Tsai, T.-H.; Ho, M.-C.; Ivanov, A.A.; Zheltikov, A.M.; Liu, J.-Y.; Liu, H.-L.; Sun, C.-K.; CHI-KUANG SUN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 4943
2200610-Gb/s operation of an In<inf>0.53</inf> Ga<inf>0.47</inf> As p-i-n photodiode on metamorphic InGaP buffered semi-insulating GaAs substrateLiao, Y.-S.; Lin, G.-R.; Kuo, H.-C.; Feng, K.-M.; Feng, M.; GONG-RU LIN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 85
32006110-pJ and 410-fs pulse at 10 GHz generated by single-stage external fiber compression of optically injection-mode-locked semiconductor optical amplifier fiber laserLin, G.-R.; Chiu, I.-H.; GONG-RU LIN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 98
41995120-GHz Long-Wavelength Low-Capacitance. Photodetector with an Air-Bridged Coplanar Metal WaveguideCHI-KUANG SUN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 3321
520094-GHz modulation bandwidth of integrated 2 × 2 LED arrayWu, C.-H.; Walter, G.; Then, H.W.; Feng, M.; Holonyak Jr.; N.; CHAO-HSIN WU IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 54
61994A Fiber Distribution System for Microcellular RadioWu, J.; Wu, J.-S.; Tsao, H.-W.; HEN-WAI TSAO IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 125
72009A fiber variable optical attenuator made by a large-stroke polymeric deformable mirrorLi, C.-H.; Hsieh, H.-T.; Su, G.-D.J.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 55
82003A Highly Efficient Polarized Superfluorescent Fiber Source for Fiber-Optic Gyroscope ApplicationsH. C. Su; Lon A. Wang; LON A. WANG IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 1712
92008A large-stroke MEMS deformable mirror fabricated by low-stress fluoropolymer membraneChen, T.-Y.; Chiu, C.-W.E.; Su, G.-D.J.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 44
102001A wavelength- and loss-tunable band-rejection filter based on corrugated long-period fiber gratingC. Y. Lin; L. A. Wang; LON A. WANG IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 4843
112008AlGaAs Ambient Light Detectors With a Human-Eye Spectral ResponseLin, Tzu-Chiang; Ma, Ta-Chun; Lin, Hao-Hsiung IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22
122005All-optical data format conversion in synchronously modulated single-mode Fabry-Pérot laser diode using external injection-locking-induced nonlinear threshold reduction effectLin, G.-R.; Chang, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-H.; Chen, J.H.; GONG-RU LIN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 98
131997Analysis of optical waveguide discontinuities using the Pad? approximantsChiou, Y.-P.; Chang, H.-C.; YIH-PENG CHIOU IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 7159
142007Anticompetition between laser modes in quantum-dot laserSu, Y.-S.; Chiang, D.-I.; Lin, C.-F.; CHING-FUH LIN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22
152004As+-implanted AlGaAs oxide-confined VCSEL with enhanced oxidation rate and high performance uniformityLaih, L.-H.; Kuo, H.C.; Lin, G.-R.; Laih, L.-W.; Wang, S.C.; GONG-RU LIN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22
162009Bipolar cascade superluminescent diodes at the 1.04-μm wavelength regimeGuol, S.-H.; Wang, J.-H.; Wu, Y.-H.; Lin, W.; Yang, Y.-J.; Sun, C.-K.; Pan, C.-L.; Shi, J.-W.; CHI-KUANG SUN IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 43
171995Birefringence of Passive Multi-Quantum-Well Semiconductor Slab WaveguidesYang, C.C.; Kang, J.; Stegeman, G.I.; Huang, C.-H.; Li, D.-U.; Lin, H.-H.; Chang, H.-C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 99
181996Broad-band superluminescent diodes fabricated on a substrate with asymmetric dual quantum wellsLin, C.-F.; Lee, B.-L.; Lin, P.-C.; Lin, Ching-Fuh IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 6552
191997Characteristics comparison of Er-doped double-pass superfluorescent fiber sources pumped near 980 nmL. A. Wang; C. D. Chen; LON A. WANG IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 3529
201999Characteristics of a Dual-Wavelength Semiconductor Laser Near 1550 nmWong, Y.-J.; Hsu, C.-W.; Yang, C.C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22