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12015A solution-processed molybdenum oxide treated silver nanowire network: A highly conductive transparent conducting electrode with superior mechanical and hole injection propertiesChang, J.-H.; Chiang, K.-M.; Kang, H.-W.; Chi, W.-J.; Chang, J.-H.; Wu, C.-I.; Lin, H.-W.; CHIH-I WU Nanoscale 6564
22017Advanced sensing, imaging, and therapy nanoplatforms based on Nd3+-doped nanoparticle composites exhibiting upconversion induced by 808 nm near-infrared lightMing-Hsien Chan; RU-SHI LIU Nanoscale 3132
32014Carbon nanodots prepared from o-phenylenediamine for sensing of Cu2+ ions in cellsVedamalai, M.; Periasamy, A.P.; Wang, C.-W.; Tseng, Y.-T.; Ho, L.-C.; Shih, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 178177
42011Cascade quantum dots sensitized TiO2 nanorod arrays for solar cell applicationsChen, L.-Y.; Yang, Z.; Chen, C.-Y.; Ho, T.-Y.; Liu, P.-W.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 3231
52016Catalytically solid-phase self-organization of nanoporous SnS with optical depolarizabilityCheng, C.-H.; CHIH-I WU et al. Nanoscale 66
62014Conduction control at ferroic domain walls via external stimuli.YA-PING CHIU; YA-PING CHIU Nanoscale 1412
72010Correlation between nanoscale surface potential and power conversion efficiency of P3HT/TiO<inf>2</inf> nanorod bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devicesWu, M.-C.; Wu, Y.-J.; Yen, W.-C.; Lo, H.-H.; Lin, C.-F.; Su, W.-F.; CHING-FUH LIN ; WEI-FANG SU Nanoscale 1819
82018Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticle-improved therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal stem cells in a mouse model of Parkinson's diseaseCHIH-PENG LIN Nanoscale 3232
92013Disassembly mediated fluorescence recovery of gold nanodots for selective sulfide sensingYuan, Z.; Peng, M.; Shi, L.; Du, Y.; Cai, N.; He, Y.; Chang, H.-T.; Yeung, E.S.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 4342
102012Electrokinetic ion and fluid transport in nanopores functionalized by polyelectrolyte brushesYeh L.-H.; Zhang M.; Hu N.; Joo S.W.; Qian S.; Hsu J.-P. Nanoscale 5961
112012Electrokinetics of pH-regulated zwitterionic polyelectrolyte nanoparticlesYeh L.-H.; Tai Y.-H.; Wang N.; Hsu J.-P. ; Qian S.Nanoscale 3433
122015Enhancing CVD graphene's inter-grain connectivity by a graphite promoterHsieh, Y.-P.; Chiu, Y.-J.; Hofmann, M.; Mario Hofmann Nanoscale 77
132015Enhancing rectification of a nano-swimmer system by multi-layered asymmetric barriersChen, Y.-F.; Xiao, S.; Chen, H.-Y.; Sheng, Y.-J.; Tsao, H.-K.; YU-JANE SHENG Nanoscale 2223
142018Facet- and structure-dependent catalytic activity of cuprous oxide/polypyrrole particles towards the efficient reduction of carbon dioxide to methanolArun Prakash Periasamy; Rini Ravindranath; Senthil Kumar S M; Wen-Ping Wu; Ting-Rui Jian; Huan-Tsung Chang; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 3533
152015Formation of hollow silica nanospheres by reverse microemulsionLin, C.-H.; Chang, J.-H.; Yeh, Y.-Q.; Wu, S.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Nanoscale 7167
162016Functionalized graphene nanomaterials: New insight into direct exfoliation of graphite with supramolecular polymersCheng C.-C.; Chang F.-C.; Wang J.-H.; Chen J.-K.; Yen Y.-C.; Lee D.-J. Nanoscale 2624
172018Green synthesis of catalytic gold/bismuth oxyiodide nanocomposites with oxygen vacancies for treatment of bacterial infectionsChia-Lun Hsu; Yu-Jia Li; Hong-Jyuan Jian; Scott G Harroun; Shih-Chun Wei; Rini Ravindranath; Chih-Ching Huang; Jui-Yang Lai; Huan-Tsung Chang; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 2827
182018High performance capacitive deionization using modified ZIF-8-derived, N-doped porous carbon with improved conductivityLi Y.; Kim J.; Wang J.; Liu N.-L.; Bando Y.; Alshehri A.A.; Yamauchi Y.; Hou C.-H.; Wu K.C.-W. Nanoscale 7876
192016High photosensitivity and broad spectral response of multi-layered germanium sulfide transistorsUlaganathan, Rajesh Kumar; YIT-TSONG CHENet al. Nanoscale 110102
202013Highly efficient inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase by aptamers functionalized gold nanoparticlesShiang, Yen-Chun; Ou, Chung-Mao; Chen, Shih-Ju; Ou, Ting-Yu; Lin, Han-Jia; Huang, Chih-Ching; Chang, Huan-Tsung; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanoscale 4138