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12013A composite film of TiS2/PEDOT:PSS as the electrocatalyst for the counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cellsLi, C.-T.; Lee, C.-P.; Li, Y.-Y.; Yeh, M.-H.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5555
22014A coral-like film of Ni@NiS with core-shell particles for the counter electrode of an efficient dye-sensitized solar cellChuang, H.-M.; Li, C.-T.; Yeh, M.-H.; Lee, C.-P.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6361
32014A high performance electrochemical sensor for acetaminophen based on a rGO-PEDOT nanotube composite modified electrodeHuang, T.-Y.; Kung, C.-W.; Wei, H.-Y.; Boopathi, K.M.; Chu, C.-W.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9087
42013A novel core-shell multi-walled carbon nanotube@graphene oxide nanoribbon heterostructure as a potential supercapacitor materialLin, L.-Y.; Yeh, M.-H.; Tsai, J.-T.; Huang, Y.-H.; Sun, C.-L.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8280
52013A novel polymer gel electrolyte for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsDong, R.-X.; Shen, S.-Y.; Chen, H.-W.; Wang, C.-C.; Shih, P.-T.; Liu, C.-T.; Vittal, R.; Lin, J.-J.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7471
62015A template-free synthesis of the hierarchical hydroxymethyl PEDOT tube-coral array and its application in dye-sensitized solar cellsLin, Y.-F.; Li, C.-T.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3129
72016Achieving a high fill factor for organic solar cellsJao, M.-H.; Liao, H.-C.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU Journal of Materials Chemistry A 157152
82018Advances and challenges of green materials for electronics and energy storage applications: from design to end-of-life recoveryMengyao Gao; Chien-Chung Shih; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry A 620
92015An integrated cobalt disulfide (CoS2) co-catalyst passivation layer on silicon microwires for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolutionChen, Chih-Jung; Chen, Po-Tzu; Basu, Mrinmoyee; Yang, Kai-Chih; Lu, Ying-Rui; Dong, Chung-Li; Ma, Chong-Geng; Shen, Chin-Chang; Hu, Shu-Fen; Liu, Ru-Shi; RU-SHI LIU Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6161
102014Binder-free rice husk-based silicon-graphene composite as energy efficient Li-ion battery anodesWong, D. P.; Suriyaprabha, R.; Yuvakumar, R.; Rajendran, V.; Chen, Y. T.; Hwang, B. J.; Chen, L. C.; Chen, K. H.; YIT-TSONG CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry A 191
112014Carboxylate-intercalated layered double hydroxides for H2 sorptionHuang, Y.-W.; Cheng, S.; SOO-FIN CHENG Journal of Materials Chemistry A 88
122013Cd-ZnGeON solid solution: the effect of local electronic environment on the photocatalytic water cleavage abilityChouhan, Neelu; Liu, Ru-Shi; Hu, Shu-Fen; RU-SHI LIU Journal of Materials Chemistry A 66
132014Comprehensive study of medium-bandgap conjugated polymer merging a fluorinated quinoxaline with branched side chains for highly efficient and air-stable polymer solar cellsTseng, W.-H.; CHIH-I WU ; PI-TAI CHOU et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1415
142015Copper zinc tin sulfide as a catalytic material for counter electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cellsFan, M.-S.; Chen, J.-H.; Li, C.-T.; Cheng, K.-W.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7471
152014Correlation of the electronic structure of an interconnection unit with the device performance of tandem organic solar cellsShim, H.-S.; Chang, J.-H.; Yoo, S.-J.; Wu, C.-I.; Kim, J.-J.; CHIH-I WU Journal of Materials Chemistry A 55
162019Designing a carbon nanotubes-interconnected ZIF-derived cobalt sulfide hybrid nanocage for supercapacitorsJian S.-L.; Hsiao L.-Y.; Yeh M.-H.; Ho K.-C. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7774
172015Dye-sensitized solar cells containing mesoporous TiO2 spheres as photoanodes and methyl sulfate anion based biionic liquid electrolytesPeng, J.-D.; Lee, C.-P.; Velayutham, D.; Suryanarayanan, V.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1414
182017Effective suppression of interfacial charge recombination by a 12-crown-4 substituent on a double-anchored organic sensitizer and rotating disk electrochemical evidenceLi C.-T.; Wu F.-L.; Liang C.-J.; Ho K.-C. ; Lin J.T.Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3332
192018Efficient and UV-stable perovskite solar cells enabled by side chain-engineered polymeric hole-transporting layersTsai, C.-H.; Li, N.; Lee, C.-C.; Wu, H.-C.; Zhu, Z.; Wang, L.; Chen, W.-C. ; Yan, H.; Chueh, C.-C.Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3634
202015Efficient ternary bulk heterojunction solar cells based on small molecules onlyHuang, T.-Y.; Patra, D.; Hsiao, Y.-S.; Chang, S.H.; Wu, C.-G.; Ho, K.-C.; Chu, C.-W.; KUO-CHUAN HO Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4343