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12011A Holographic Model For Hall ViscosityJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2121
21994A Limit on the lepton family number violating process pi0 ---> mu+- e-+. FNAL-799 experimentYEE HSIUNG journal article810
31992A Measurement of sigma(tot) (gamma p) at s**(1/2) = 210-GeVMIN-ZU WANG journal article225224
42012A measurement of the ratio of the $W$ and $Z$ cross sections with exactly one associated jet in $pp$ collisions at $\\sqrts=$7 TeV with ATLASStathes Paganis journal article1410
52011A search for excited leptons in $pp$ Collisions at $\\sqrt{s}=$ 7 TeVPAO-TI CHANG ; YEE HSIUNG ; MIN-ZU WANG journal article1212
62013A search for high-mass resonances decaying to $τ^+τ^-$ in $pp$ collisions at $\\sqrts=7$ TeV with the ATLAS detectorStathes Paganis journal article1521
72015A search for pair production of new light bosons decaying into muonsYEE HSIUNG ; PAO-TI CHANG journal article4549
82013A search for prompt lepton-jets in $pp$ collisions at $\\sqrts=7$ TeV with the ATLAS detectorStathes Paganis journal article2425
102006A Study of gamma gamma ---> K0(S) K0(S) production at energies of 2.4-GeV to 4.0-GeV at BelleYEE HSIUNG ; PAO-TI CHANG et al. conference paper2624
112013Angular analysis and branching fraction measurement of the decay $B^0 \\to K^{*0} \\mu^+\\mu^-$PAO-TI CHANG ; YEE HSIUNG ; MIN-ZU WANG journal article5149
122015Angular analysis of the decay $B^0 \\to K^{*0} \\mu^+ \\mu^-$ from pp collisions at $\\sqrt s = 8$ TeVYEE HSIUNG ; PAO-TI CHANG journal article6853
132015Angular coefficients of Z bosons produced in pp collisions at $\\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV and decaying to $\\mu^+ \\mu^-$ as a function of transverse momentum and rapidityPAO-TI CHANG journal article3439
142013Atomic ionization of germanium by neutrinos from an ab initio approachJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2321
152018Azimuthal anisotropy of charged particles with transverse momentum up to 100 GeV/ c in PbPb collisions at $\\sqrt s_NN$=5.02 TeVStathes Paganis ; PAO-TI CHANG et al. journal article1622
162004$B_s - \\bar{B}_s$ mixing in $Z^\\prime$ models with flavor-changing neutral currentsCHENG-WEI CHIANG journal article7072
171997Brane creation in M(atrix) theoryPEI-MING HO journal article1114
182001Can the quintessence be a complex scalar field?W-Y HWANG journal article6064
192015Centrality and rapidity dependence of inclusive jet production in $\\sqrts_\\mathrmNN = 5.02$ TeV proton-lead collisions with the ATLAS detectorStathes Paganis journal article7370
202010Charged-particle multiplicities in $pp$ interactions at $\\sqrts=900$ GeV measured with the ATLAS detector at the LHCStathes Paganis journal article87148