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12016750 GeV diphoton resonance in a visible heavy QCD axion modelCHENG-WEI CHIANG journal article1923
21988A Dependence in Nuclear {Drell-Yan} Processes Including {QCD} CorrectionsW-Y HWANG journal article66
31988A Dependence of Quarkonium Production in Proton Nucleus CollisionsW-Y HWANG journal article1111
42011A Light charged Higgs boson in two-Higgs doublet model for CDF $Wjj$ anomalyCHENG-WEI CHIANG journal article01
51991A Measurement of the branching ratio of the decay K(L) ---> pi0 gamma gammaYEE HSIUNG journal article4018
62001A New measurement of the radiative K(e)3 branching ratio and photon spectrumYEE HSIUNG journal article012
72003A Search for resonance decays to lepton + jet at HERA and limits on leptoquarksStathes Paganis journal article047
82001Accelerating universe as from the evolution of extra dimensionsW-Y HWANG journal article2528
92014Amplitude analysis of $e^+e^- \\to \\Upsilon(nS) \\pi^+\\pi^-$ at $\\sqrt{s}=10.865$~GeVYEE HSIUNG journal article4743
102013Angular analysis of $B^0 \\to \\phi K^{*}$ decays and search for $CP$ violation at BellePAO-TI CHANG ; YEE HSIUNG ; MIN-ZU WANG journal article1518
111993Anti-d over anti-u asymmetry in a proton and Drell-Yan processesW-Y HWANG journal article48
122012ATLAS measurements of the properties of jets for boosted particle searchesStathes Paganis journal article3536
131992Axial vector coupling constants and chiral symmetry restorationW-Y HWANG journal article3740
142002B ---> D(s) pi and the tree amplitude in B ---> pi+ pi-CHENG-WEI CHIANG journal article21
151982Bag Model Analyses of Proton - Anti-proton Scattering and Atomic Bound StatesW-Y HWANG journal article3741
161984Baryon Mass Splittings and Bag Model ParametersW-Y HWANG journal article1615
172001Baryons in partially quenched chiral perturbation theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article7974
182004Beauty photoproduction measured using decays into muons in dijet events in e p collisions at s**(1/2) = 318-GeVStathes Paganis journal article00
192006BEC-BCS Crossover in the Epsilon ExpansionJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2424
201977Beta Decay and Muon Capture in the A=12 Nuclei: Second Class Currents and Conserved Vector CurrentW-Y HWANG journal article5259