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12003A generalized global alignment algorithmKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Huang, Xiaoqiu; Huang, X.; Chao, Kun-Mao; Chao, K.-M.journal article5746
22006A greedier approach for finding tag SNPsKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article2220
32008A probe-density-based analysis method for array CGH data: Simulation, normalization and centralizationMONG-HSUN TSAI ; Chen, Hung-I Harry; Hsu, Fang-Han; Hsu, Fang-Han; Jiang, Yuan; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Meltzer, Paul S.; CHEN, HUNG-I HARRY; Meltzer, Paul S.; Chuang, Eric Y.; HSU, FANG-HAN; Chuang, Eric Y.; Chen, Yidong; TSAI, MONG-HSUN ; Chen., Yidong; YANG, PAN-CHYR; CHUANG, ERIC YAO-YU journal article2221
42005A two-stage normalization method for partially degraded mRNA microarray dataLiu, Li-yu D.; LI-YU LIU ; Wang, Naisyin; Lupton, Joanne R.; Turner, Nancy D.; Chapkin, Robert S.; Davidson, Laurie A.journal article54
52010ALCHEMY: A reliable method for automated SNP genotype calling for small batch sizes and highly homozygous populationsCHIH-WEI TUNG journal article3634
62004Analysis of variance components in gene expression dataCHEN-AN TSAI journal article7167
71999Calign: Aligning sequences with restricted affine gap penaltiesKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article22
82011Chromaligner: A web server for chromatogram alignmentCHING-HUA KUO ; Wang, San-Yuan; Ho, Tsung-Jung; YUFENG JANE TSENG ; Kuo, Ching-Hua ; Tseng, Yufeng J.journal article1313
92008CNVDetector: Locating copy number variations using array CGH dataKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Chen, Peng-An; Liu, Hsiao-Fei; Chao, Kun-Maojournal article1110
102004Correction Log Ratios for Signal Saturation in cDNA MicroarraysERIC YAO-YU CHUANG journal article2423
112015CypRules: A rule-based P450 inhibition prediction serverYUFENG JANE TSENG journal article1515
122012De novo motif discovery facilitates identification of interactions between transcription factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCHIEN-YU CHEN journal article911
132017DynaPho: a web platform for inferring the dynamics of time-series phosphoproteomicsC. L. Hsu; J. K. Wang; P. C. Lu; H. C. Huang; H. F. Juan11
142013EBARDenovo: Highly accurate de novo assembly of RNA-Seq with efficient chimera-detectionMONG-HSUN TSAI ; JEN-CHIH CHEN journal article2116
152004Efficient combination of multiple word models for improved sequence comparisonKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Huang, X.; Ye, L.; Chou, H. -H.; Yang, I. -H; Chao, K.-M.journal article88
162008Erratum: A probe-density-based analysis method for array CGH data: Simulation, normalization and centralization (Bioinformatics (2008) vol. 24 (16) (1749-1756))MONG-HSUN TSAI journal article00
172005Integrated minimum-set primers and unique probe design algorithms for differential detection on symptom-related pathogensYA-CHUN CHANG ; Huang, Y. C.; Huang, Yu-Cheng; Chang, Chun-Fan; Chang, C. F.; Chan, C. H.; Chan, Chen-hsiung; Yeh, T. J.; Yeh, Tze-Jung; Chang, Ya-Chun ; Chang, Y. C.; Chen, C. C.; Chen, Chaur-Chin; Kao, Cheng-Yan; Kao, C. Y.journal article1513
182018LipidPedia: a comprehensive lipid knowledgebaseYUFENG JANE TSENG journal article35
191993Locating well-conserved regions within a pairwise alignmentKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article270
202003MAVG: Locating non-overlaping maximum average segments in a given sequenceLin, Yaw-Ling; KUN-MA0 CHAO ; Huang, Xiaoqiu; Jiang, Tao; Chao, Kun-Maojournal article3229