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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11997A kinetic study of L-5-oxoproline[1-13C] metabolism in relation to nutritional statusREY-HENG HUFASEB Journal 
21996Activation of immune cells in taiwan dengue patientsFASEB Journal 
32001Allergic diathesis in transgenic mice with constitutive T cell expression of inducible vasoactive intestinal peptide receptorVoice, J.K.; Dorsam, G.; Lee, H.; Kong, Y.; Goetzl, E.J.; HSIN-YU LEE FASEB Journal 7369
41996Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsYen, C.-T.; Han, C.-J.; Tsai, M.-L.; Chai, C.Y.; CHEN-TUNG YEN FASEB Journal 
51997CDN a cloning and gene expression of vacuolar invertase from sweet potatoAI-YU WANG FASEB Journal 
62003Cellular growth inhibition by IGFBP-3 and TGF-β1 requires LRP-1Thai-Yen LingFASEB Journal 124122
71997Cloning and sequences of rice invertase cdnas and differential regulation of their expressionsAI-YU WANG FASEB Journal 
82003Conditional Expression In The Zebrafish Heart With Tet-On Regulatory SystemTZUU-SHUH JOU FASEB Journal 
91998Effect of axotomy along with hypoxia on the NADPH-d activity in the brainstem motor neurons of albino ratsJUNE-HORNG LUEFASEB Journal 
101997Effects of linolenic acid on differentiation of 3T3-F442A adipocytes, including expression of transcripts for β-adrenergic receptorsDing, S.-T.; McNeel, R.L.; Mersmann, H.J.; SHIH-TORNG DING FASEB Journal 00
112003Electrophysiological and metabolic evidence that high-frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus bridles neuronal activity in the subthalamic nucleus and the substantia nigra reticulataCHUN-HWEI TAIFASEB Journal 183191
122011Functional interaction of Heat Shock protein 90 and beclin 1 modulates toll-like receptor-mediated autophagyLI-CHUNG HSU ; Xu, C.; Liu, J.; Hsu, L.-C.; Luo, Y.; Xiang, R.; Chuang, T.-H.FASEB Journal 5965
131996Human haematopoietic progenitor cells infected with dengue virusFASEB Journal 
141996Immunology of hepatitis b vaccinées and carriers in TaiwanFASEB Journal 
151996Immunology of hepatitis b vaccinées and carriers in TaiwanDING-SHINN CHEN FASEB Journal 
161996Mitochondrial and cytosolic folate and one carbon metabolismShane, B.; Choi, Y.-J.; Lin, B.-F.; Huang, R.-F.; Hsu, J.-C.; BI-FONG LIN The FASEB Journal 0
172004Mitochondrial Na+ overload is caused by oxidative stress and leads to activation of the caspase 3-dependent apoptotic machineryCHUNG-LIANG CHIENFASEB Journal 1920
181997Molecular basis for gβγ-effector interaction: Structural correlation with ga binding siteSkiba, N.; CHII-SHEN YANG et al. The FASEB Journal 
192018Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 1B3 as a dual reporter gene for fluorescence and magnetic resonance imagingHON-MAN LIUFASEB Journal 1017
202009Pluripotency of mouse spermatogonial stem cells maintained by IGF-1- Dependent pathwayThai-Yen Ling; HUANG, YEN-HUA; CHIN, CHENG-CHIEH; HO, HONG-NERNG; CHOU, CHUAN-KAI; SHEN, CHIA-NING; KUO, HUNG-CHIH; WU, TSAI-JUNG; WU, YU-CHIH; HUNG, YU-CHING; CHANG, CHIH-CHENG; LING, THAI-YENFASEB Journal 8377