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12013A fluorescent organic nanotube assembled from novel p -phenylene ethynylene-based dicationic amphiphilesChen, A.-J.; Hsu, I.-J.; Wu, W.-Y.; Su, Y.-T.; Tsai, F.-Y.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Langmuir 66
21997Adsorption of a charge-regulated particle to a charged surfaceHsu J.-P. ; Kuo Y.-C.Langmuir 14
32004Amphiphilic properties of poly(oxyalkylene)amine-intercalated smectite aluminosilicatesLin, J.-J.; Chen, Y.-M.; JIANG-JEN LIN Langmuir 7364
41995An examination on the accuracy of interfacial tension measurement from pendant drop profilesLin, S.-Y.; Chen, L.-J.; Xyu, J.-W.; Wang, W.-J.; LI-JEN CHEN Langmuir 
52011Anomalous contact angle hysteresis of a captive bubble: Advancing contact line pinningHong, S.-J.; Chang, F.-M.; Chou, T.-H.; Chan, S.H.; Sheng, Y.-J.; Tsao, H.-K.; YU-JANE SHENG Langmuir 6865
62015Assembly of Lock-and-Key Colloids Mediated by Polymeric DepletantChang, H.-Y.; Huang, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-F.; Chen, S.-Y.; Sheng, Y.-J.; Tsao, H.-K.; YU-JANE SHENG Langmuir 1212
72015Biological Hydrogels Formed by Swollen Multilamellar LiposomesCheng, C.-Y.; Wang, T.-Y.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir 77
82010Can simple salts influence self-assembly in oil? Multivalent cations as efficient gelators of lecithin organosolsH.-Y. Lee; K. K. Diehn; S. W. Ko; S.-H. Tung; S. R. Raghavan; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; H.-Y. Lee; K. K. Diehn; S. W. Ko; S.-H. Tung; S. R. RaghavanLangmuir 5453
92013Capillary osmosis in a charged nanopore connecting two large reservoirsLiu K.-L.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.Langmuir 1919
102012Capillary rise in a microchannel of arbitrary shape and wettability: Hysteresis loopWang, Z.; Chang, C.-C.; Hong, S.-J.; Sheng, Y.-J.; Tsao, H.-K.; YU-JANE SHENG Langmuir 1917
111994Chemically modified electrodes by nucleophilic substitution of chlorosilylated platinum oxide surfacesChen, C.-H.; Hutchison, J.E.; Postlethwaite, T.A.; Richardson, J.N.; Murray, R.W.; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Langmuir 1414
122011Clay-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles exhibiting low-temperature meltingChiu, Chih-Wei; Hong, Po-Da; Lin, Jiang-Jen; Chiu, Chih-Wei; JIANG-JEN LIN ; Hong, Po-Da; Lin, Jiang-Jen Langmuir 3129
132016Colloidal Properties of Nanoerythrosomes Derived from Bovine Red Blood CellsKuo, Y.-C.; Wu, H.-C.; Hoang, D.; Bentley, W.E.; D'Souza, W.D.; Raghavan, S.R.; HSUAN-CHEN WU Langmuir 2825
142002Comparison of DLPC and DPPC in controlling the dynamic adsorption and surface tension of their aqueous dispersionsPinazo, A.; Wen, X.; Liao, Y.-C.; Prosser, A.J.; Franses, E.I.; YING-CHIH LIAO Langmuir 3434
152001Conductivity of a concentrated cylindrical dispersionLee E.; Chih M.-H.; Hsu J.-P. Langmuir 33
162001Conductivity of a concentrated cylindrical dispersionLee E. ; Chih M.-H.; Hsu J.-P.Langmuir 33
172014Conjugation of monocarboxybetaine molecules on amino-poly- p -xylylene films to reduce protein adsorption and cell adhesionChien H.-W.; Keng M.-C.; Wang M.-J.; Chen H.-Y. ; Huang S.-T.; Tsai W.-B.Langmuir 45
182014Conjugation of monocarboxybetaine molecules on amino-poly- p -xylylene films to reduce protein adsorption and cell adhesionChien, H.-W.; Keng, M.-C.; Wang, M.-J.; Chen, H.-Y.; Huang, S.-T.; Tsai, W.-B.; WEI-BOR TSAI Langmuir 45
192008Contact angle hysteresis on regular pillar-like hydrophobic surfacesYeh, K.-Y.; Chen, L.-J.; Chang, J.-Y.; Yeh, Kuan-Yu; LI-JEN CHEN ; Chen, Li-Jen ; Chang, Jeng-YangLangmuir 153141
202007Contrasting effects of temperature on the rheology of normal and reverse wormlike micellesTung, S.-H.; Huang, Y.-E.; Raghavan, S.R.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir 8579