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12010A multiproxy lake record from Inner Mongolia displays a late Holocene teleconnection between Central Asian and North Atlantic climatesChen, H.-F.; Song, S.-R.; Lee, T.-Q.; LoChen, Huei-Fen; Song, Sheng-Rong; Lee, Teh-Quei; Lowemark, Ludvig; Chi, Zhenqing; Wang, Yong; Hong, Eason; LUDVIG LOWEMARK ; SHENG-RONG SONG Quaternary International 3132
22003An overview of coastal development in a Young Mountain Belt-TaiwanLiew, P.M.; Hsieh, M.L.; Shyu, B.H.; J. BRUCE H. SHYU Quaternary International 88
32012Assessment of sediment delivery from successive erosion on stream-coupled hillslopes via a time series of topographic surveys in the central high mountain range of TaiwanJIUN CHUAN LIN Quaternary International 1414
42014Climate change, vegetation history, and agricultural activity of Lake Li-yu Tan, central Taiwan, during the last 2.6ka BPLee, C.-Y.; Chang, C.-L.; Liew, P.-M.; Lee, T.-Q.; Song, S.-R.; SHENG-RONG SONG Quaternary International 56
52006Controlling factors of hazardous debris flow in TaiwanChen, H.Chen, Hongey; HONGEY CHEN Quaternary International 2517
62019Deciphering ∼45.000 years of Arctic Ocean lithostratigraphic variability through multivariate statistical analysisKaboth-Bahr, Stefanie; VIANNEY DENIS ; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; O'Regan, Matt; Gyllencreutz, Richard; Jakobsson, Martin; LUDVIG LOWEMARK Quaternary International 35
72008Determining an age for the Inararo Tuff eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, based on correlation with a distal ash layer in core MD97-2142, South China SeaKu, Y.-P.; Chen, C.-H.; Newhall, C.G.; Song, S.-R.; Yang, T.F.; Iizuka, Y.; McGeehin, J.; SHENG-RONG SONG Quaternary International 45
82006Fluvial transportation and sedimentation of the Fu-shan small experimental catchmentsJen, C.-H.; Lin, J.-C.; Hsu, M.-L.; Petley, D.N.; JIUN CHUAN LIN Quaternary International 78
92014Holocene monsoonal climate changes tracked by multiproxy approach from a lacustrine sediment core of the subalpine Retreat Lake in TaiwanHONGCHUN LI Quaternary International 1617
102009Lake Hovsgol basin as a new study site for long continental paleoclimate records in continental interior Asia: General context and current statusHONGCHUN LI Quaternary International 1112
112009Long-term crustal movement caused by the Chiuchiungkeng Fault in southwestern Taiwan: Constraints from luminescence datingChen, Y.W.; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Y.G.; Murray, A.S.; Watanuki, T.; Chen, W.S.; Yang, C.C.B.; Liu, T.K.; Lin, C.W.Quaternary International 32
122008Meteoric 10Be dating of highly weathered soils from fluvial terraces in TaiwanTsai, H.; Maejima, Y.; Hseu, Z.-Y.; ZENG-YEI HSEU Quaternary International 2023
132013Mid-Holocene climate conditions and moisture source variations based on stable H, C and O isotope compositions of speleothems in HungaryCHUAN-CHOU SHEN Quaternary International 1516
142006Morphodynamics and climate in Taiwan since the Late PleistoceneB\\ose, M.; Lin, J.-C.B?se, Margot; Lin, Jiun-Chuan; JIUN CHUAN LIN ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan Quaternary International 00
152009Optical dating of a sedimentary sequence in a trenching site on the source fault of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, TaiwanChen, Yue-Gau ; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; Chen, Ya-Wen; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shan ; Lee, Kun-Jie; Lee, Long-Sheng; Lu, Shih-Ting; Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Watanuki, Takuya; Lin, Yu-Nung N.Quaternary International 66
162015Potential influence of temperature changes in the Southern Hemisphere on the evolution of the Asian summer monsoon during the last glacial periodCHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; HONGCHUN LI Quaternary International 1623
172003Pumice layers in marine terraces: Implications for tectonic uplift rates on the east and northeast coasts of Taiwan over the last hundreds of yearsSHENG-RONG SONG Quaternary International 55
182006Slope movements in a dynamic environment - A case study of Tachia River, Central TaiwanLin, J.-C.; Petley, D.; Jen, C.-H.; Koh, A.; Hsu, M.-L.; JIUN CHUAN LIN Quaternary International 2824
192015Stalagmite δ<sup>18</sup>O variations in southern India reveal divergent trends of Indian Summer Monsoon and East Asian Summer Monsoon during the last interglacialCHUAN-CHOU SHEN Quaternary International 56
202006Surface deformation related to kink-folding above an active fault: Evidence from geomorphic features and co-seismic slipsYUE-GAU CHEN ; Lai, Kuang-Yin; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Hung, Jih-Hao; Suppe, John; Yue, Li-Fan; Chen, Ya-WenQuaternary International 1716