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12018Concordance between genetic diversity and marine biogeography in a highly mobile marine mammal, the Risso's dolphinChen, Ing; Nishida, Shin; Chou, Lien-Siang; Tajima, Yuko; Yang, Wei-cheng ; Isobe, Tomohiko; Yamada, Tadasu; Hartman, Karin; Hoelzel, RusJournal of Biogeography 
22006Contrasting phylogeographical patterns of two closely related species, Machilus thunbergii and Machilus kusanoi Lauraceae), in TaiwanWu, S.-H.; Hwang, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-P.; Chung, J.-D.; Cheng, Y.-P.; Hwang, S.-Y.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Biogeography 
32014Historical biogeography of a new antitropical clade of temperate freshwater fishesWEI-JEN CHEN Journal of Biogeography 
42006Macro-scale bird species richness patterns of the East Asian mainland and islands: Energy, area and isolationDing, T.-S.; Yuan, H.-W.; Geng, S.; Koh, C.-N.; Lee, P.-F.; TZUNG-SU DING ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN Journal of Biogeography 
52017Nestedness and species replacement along bathymetric gradients in the deep sea reflect productivity: a test with polychaete assemblages in the oligotrophic north-west Gulf of MexicoCHIH-LIN WEI Journal of Biogeography 
62019North Atlantic Gateway: Test bed of deep-sea macroecological patternsJöst, Anna B.; Yasuhara, Moriaki; CHIH-LIN WEI ; Okahashi, Hisayo; Ostmann, Alexandra; Martínez Arbizu, Pedro; Mamo, Briony; Svavarsson, Jörundur; Brix, SaskiaJournal of Biogeography 
72006Primary productivity and isolation as the major determinants of bird species richness in East AsiaDing, T.-S.; Yuan, H.-W.; S. Geng; Lee, P.-F.; TZUNG-SU DING Journal of Biogeography 
82008Shifts in the ecological behaviour of plant species between two distant regions: Evidence from the base richness gradient in miresDAVID ZELEN Journal of Biogeography 
92017Structural bias in aggregated species-level variables driven by repeated species co-occurrences: A pervasive problem in community and assemblage dataDAVID ZELEN Journal of Biogeography 
102016Towards the spatial coherence of biogeographical regionalizations at subcontinental and landscape scalesDAVID ZELEN Journal of Biogeography