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120171,2-Migration of N-Diarylboryl Imidazol-2-ylidene through Intermolecular Radical ProcessLiu, W.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-S.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, C.-W. Inorganic Chemistry 47
220144,4',5,5'-tetracarboxy-2,2'-bipyridine Ru(II) sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cellsChou, C.-C.; Hu, F.-C.; Wu, K.-L.; Duan, T.; Chi, Y.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; PI-TAI CHOU Inorganic Chemistry 1619
32002A convergent synthetic approach using sterically demanding aryldipyrrylmethanes for tuning the pocket sizes of cofacial bisporphyrinsChang, C.J.; Deng, Y.; Peng, S.-M.; Lee, G.-H.; Yeh, C.-Y.; Nocera, D.G.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 3637
41998A Discrete Chlorotellurate [Cl4Te-Mn(CO)5]-: Coordinative Addition of the Metalloanion [Mn(CO)5]- to TeCl4Liaw, W.-F.; Chiou, S.-J.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 24
52003A luminescent supermolecule with gold(I) quinoline-8-thiolate: Crystal structure, spectroscopic and photophysical propertiesTzeng, B.-C.; Yeh, H.-T.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chao, H.-Y.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 2730
62012A Study on the Luminescence and Energy Transfer of Single-Phase and Color-Tunable KCaY(PO4)(2):Eu2+,Mn2+ Phosphor for Application in White-Light LEDsLiu, Wei-Ren; Huang, Chien-Hao; Yeh, Chiao-Wen; Tsai, Jen-Ching; Chiu, Yi-Chen; Yeh, Yao-Tsung; Liu, Ru-Shi; RU-SHI LIU Inorganic Chemistry 231233
71996An Approach to Heterometallic Complexes with Selenolate and Tellurolate Ligands: Crystal Structures of cis-[Mn(CO)4(SePh)2] -,[(CO)3Mn(μ-SeMe)3Mn(CO)3] -,(CO)4Mn(μ-TePh)2Co(CO)(μ-SePh) 3Mn(CO)3, and (CO)3Mn(μ-SePh)3 Fe(CO)3Liaw, W.-F.; Chuang, C.-Y.; Lee, W.-Z.; Lee, C.-K.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 33
82003An Unprecedented Oxidative Migration of a Methyl Group from 2-(2′,6′-Dimethyl phenylazo)-4-methylphenol Mediated by Ruthenium and OsmiumAcharyya, R.; Peng, S.-M.; Lee, G.-H.; Bhattacharya, S.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 5153
91993An unusual mixed tellurium-ion carbonylate: Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of [PhCH2NMe3]2[Te6Fe 8(CO)24]Shieh, M.; Chen, P.-F.; Peng, S.-M.; Lee, G.-H.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 34
102009Authentic-blue phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes bearing both hydride and benzyl diphenylphosphine; Control of the emission efficiency by ligand coordination geometryChiu, Y.-C.; Lin, C.-H.; Hung, J.-Y.; Chi, Y.; Cheng, Y.-M.; Wang, K.-W.; Chung, M.-W.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; PI-TAI CHOU Inorganic Chemistry 5252
111996Bis(amido)ruthenium(IV) complexes with 2,3-diamino-2,3-dimethylbutane. Crystal structure and reversible Ru(IV) - Amide/Ru(III) - Amine and Ru(IV) - Amide/Ru(II)-amine redox couples in aqueous solutionChiu, W.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Che, C.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 26
121994Bis(selenolate) and bis(thiolate) derivatives of iron(II) phosphine complexes: Crystal structure of cis,cis,trans-Fe(CO)2(SeMe)2(PMe3)2Liaw, W.-F.; Ou, D.-S.; Horng, Y.-C.; Lai, C.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 16
132010Biscarbene palladium(II) complexes. reactivity of saturated versus unsaturated N-heterocyclic carbenesFu, C.-F.; Lee, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Warsink, S.; Elsevier, C.J.; Chen, J.-T.; Liu, S.-T.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU ; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 4749
142007Blue-emitting platinum(II) complexes bearing both pyridylpyrazolate chelate and bridging pyrazolate ligands: Synthesis, structures, and photophysical propertiesPI-TAI CHOU Inorganic Chemistry 10099
152012Cationic iridium complexes with intramolecular π-π Interaction and enhanced steric hindrance for solid-state light-emitting electrochemical cellsChen, H.-F.; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOUet al. Inorganic Chemistry 4343
162001Chemical control on the coordination mode of benzaldehyde semicarbazone ligands. Synthesis, structure, and redox properties of ruthenium complexesBasuli, F.; Peng, S.-M.; Bhattacharya, S.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 100100
172006CH⋯π interaction for rhenium-based rectangles: An interaction that is rarely designed into a host-guest pairManimaran, B.; Lai, L.-J.; Thanasekaran, P.; Wu, J.-Y.; Liao, R.-T.; Tseng, T.-W.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Lu, K.-L.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 5150
181993Comparative study on crystal structures of [Ru(bpy)2(CO)2](PF6)2, [Ru(bpy)2(CO)(C(O)OCH3)]B(C6H5) 4·CH3CN, and [Ru(bpy)2(CO)(η1-CO2)]·3H 2O (bpy = 2,2′-bipyridyl)Tanaka, H.; Tzeng, B.-C.; Nagao, H.; Peng, S.-M.; Tanaka, K.; SHIE-MING PENG Inorganic Chemistry 75
191987Complexation of the nickel(II) triad with 14-membered macrocyclic P4-nSn (n = 2, 1, 0) ligands. Study of the effects on coordination of the relative configuration at the phosphines and the number and placement of thioether sitesKyba, E.P.; Davis, R.E.; Fox, M.A.; Clubb, C.N.; Liu, S.-T.; Reitz, G.A.; Scheuler, V.J.; Kashyap, R.P.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU Inorganic Chemistry 38
202018Continuous Synthesis of Highly Stable Cs4PbBr6 Perovskite Microcrystals by a Microfluidic System and Their Application in White-Light-Emitting DiodesZhen Bao; Hung-Chia Wang; Zhen-Feng Jiang; Ren-Jei Chung; RU-SHI LIU Inorganic Chemistry 1426