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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12011A quantile-based approach for calibrating reliability-based partial factorsChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Ching, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-KwangStructural Safety 4430
22007Application of subset simulation methods to reliability benchmark problemsAu, S.K.; Ching, J.; Beck, J.L.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Au, S.-K.; Ching, J.; Beck, J.LStructural Safety 210174
32010Converting reliability constraints by adaptive quantile estimationChing, J.; Hsu, W.-C.; Ching, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Hsu, Wei-ChihStructural Safety 11
42012Establishment of generic transformations for geotechnical design parametersChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Ching, Jianye; JIAN-YE CHING ; Phoon, Kok-KwangStructural Safety 2618
52013Estimation of rock pressure during an excavation/cut in sedimentary rocks with inclined bedding planesChing, J.; Yang, Z.-Y.; Shiau, J.-Q.; Chen, C.-J.; JIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 1311
62015Impact of spatial variability in undrained shear strength on active lateral force in clayJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 2923
72013Mobilized shear strength of spatially variable soils under simple stress statesJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 6152
82009Model selection issue in calibrating reliability-based resistance factors based on geotechnical in-situ test dataJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 43
92017On characterizing spatially variable soil Young��s modulus using spatial averageJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 1613
102010Predicting displacement of augered cast-in-place piles based on load test databaseJIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Chen, Jie-RuStructural Safety 1010
112013Quantile value method versus design value method for calibration of reliability-based geotechnical codesJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 3020
122016Robust estimation of correlation coefficients among soil parameters under the multivariate normal frameworkJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 1213
132015Role of redundancy in simplified geotechnical reliability-based design - A quantile value method perspectiveJIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 128
142016Some observations on ISO2394:2015 Annex D (Reliability of Geotechnical Structures)Phoon, K.K.; Retief, J.V.; Ching, J.; Dithinde, M.; Schweckendiek, T.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, L.M.; JIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 5151
152008Transforming reliability limit-state constraints into deterministic limit-state constraintsChing, J.; Hsu, W.-C.; JIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 2722
162017Worst case scale of fluctuation in basal heave analysis involving spatially variable claysJIAN-YE CHING; JIAN-YE CHING Structural Safety 2623