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12012A modeling study of orographic convection and mountain waves in the landfalling typhoon Nari (2001)Tang, X. D.; Yang, M. J.; Tan, Z. M.; MING-JEN YANG journal article1110
22007A modelling study of aerosol impacts on cloud microphysics and radiative propertiesCheng, CT; Wang, WC; Chen, JP; JEN-PING CHEN journal article5047
32011Characteristics of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter adaptive sampling guidance for tropical cyclonesMajumdar, S.J.; Chen, S.-G.; Wu, C.-C.; CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1111
42017Influence of southwest monsoon flow and typhoon track on Taiwan rainfall during the exit phase: modelling study of typhoon Morakot (2009)Chen, Y.-H.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Wang, C.-C.; Yang, Y.-T.journal article43
52004Physically based two-moment bulkwater parametrization for warm-cloud microphysicsChen, JP; Liu, ST; JEN-PING CHEN journal article4539
62017Role of interactions between cloudmicrophysics, dynamics and aerosol in the heavy rainfall event of June 2013 over Uttarakhand, IndiaHazra, Anupam; Chaudhari, Hemantkumar S.; Ranalkar, Manish; Chen, Jen-Ping; JEN-PING CHEN journal article98