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12016Controlled synthesis of Se-supported Au/Pd nanoparticles with photo-assisted electrocatalytic activity and their application in self-powered sensing systemsChang, T.-W.; Wang, C.-W.; Chen, C.-H.; Li, Y.-C.; Hsu, C.-L.; Chang, H.-T.; Lin, Z.-H.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article2626
22019Coral-like perovskite nanostructures for enhanced light-harvesting and accelerated charge extraction in perovskite solar cellsLu Y.-A.; Chang T.-H.; Wu S.-H.; Liu C.-C.; Lai K.-W.; Chang Y.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Lu H.-C.; Chu C.-W.; Ho K.-C. journal article77
32015Economical low-light photovoltaics by using the Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cell with graphene dot/PEDOT: PSS counter electrodesLee, C.-P.; Lin, C.-A.; Wei, T.-C.; Tsai, M.-L.; Meng, Y.; Li, C.-T.; Ho, K.-C.; Wu, C.-I.; Lau, S.-P.; He, J.-H.; CHIH-I WU ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article6255
42017Epitaxial growth of vertically stacked p-MoS2/n-MoS2 heterostructures by chemical vapor deposition for light emitting devicesNikam, Revannath Dny; eo; Sonawane, Poonam Ashok; Sankar, Raman; Chen, Yit-Tsong; YIT-TSONG CHEN journal article1514
52017Identifying the electrocatalytic sites of nickel disulfide in alkaline hydrogen evolution reactionMa, Q.; Hu, C.; Liu, K.; Hung, S.-F.; Ou, D.; Chen, H.M. ; Fu, G.; Zheng, N.journal article7268
62014Ionic liquid-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Cationic and anionic effects on the photovoltaic performanceLi, C.-T.; Lee, C.-P.; Fan, M.-S.; Chen, P.-Y.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article3852
72016Mesoporous anatase-TiO2 spheres consisting of nanosheets of exposed (001)-facets for [Co(byp)3]2+/3+ based dye-sensitized solar cellsPeng J.-D.; Tseng C.-M.; Vittal R.; Ho K.-C. journal article1213
82017Metal-organic framework/sulfonated polythiophene on carbon cloth as a flexible counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsChen T.-Y.; Huang Y.-J.; Li C.-T.; Kung C.-W.; Vittal R.; Ho K.-C. journal article5252
92016Nanoclimbing-wall-like CoSe2/carbon composite film for the counter electrode of a highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cell: A study on the morphology controlChiu I.-T.; Li C.-T.; Lee C.-P.; Chen P.-Y.; Tseng Y.-H.; Vittal R.; Ho K.-C. journal article4946
102015New bioinspired hole injection/transport materials for highly efficient solution-processed phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesCheng C.-C.; Chu Y.-L.; Chang F.-C.; Lee D.-J. ; Yen Y.-C.; Chen J.-K.; Chu C.-W.; Xin Z.journal article1617
112014Ni3Se4 hollow architectures as catalytic materials for the counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cellsLee, C.-T.; Peng, J.-D.; Li, C.-T.; Tsai, Y.-L.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article5854
122017A paper-based electrode using a graphene dot/PEDOT:PSS composite for flexible solar cellsLee C.-P.; Lai K.-Y.; Lin C.-A.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C. ; Wu C.-I.; Lau S.-P.; He J.-H.journal article7168
132015PEDOT-decorated nitrogen-doped graphene as the transparent composite film for the counter electrode of a dye-sensitized solar cellChen, P.-Y.; Li, C.-T.; Lee, C.-P.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article5552
142013Preparing core-shell structure of ZnO@TiO2 nanowires through a simple dipping-rinse-hydrolyzation process as the photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cellsYeh, M.-H.; Lin, L.-Y.; Chou, C.-Y.; Lee, C.-P.; Chuang, H.-M.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article2422
152015Self-formed conductive nanofilaments in (Bi, Mn)Ox for ultralow-power memory devicesSNOW H. TSENG journal article109
162018Self-powered active antibacterial clothing through hybrid effects of nanowire-enhanced electric field electroporation and controllable hydrogen peroxide generationChih-Cheng Wu ; Che-Min Chiu, Yi-Yun Ke, Ting-Mao Chou, Yu-JhenLin, Po-Kang Yang, Zong-Hong Linjournal article120
172015Size effects of platinum nanoparticles on the electrocatalytic ability of the counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cellsYeh, M.-H.; Chang, S.-H.; Lin, L.-Y.; Chou, H.-L.; Vittal, R.; Hwang, B.-J.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article3030
182014TiO2 nanosheets with highly exposed (001)-facets for enhanced photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsPeng, J.-D.; Shih, P.-C.; Lin, H.-H.; Tseng, C.-M.; Vittal, R.; Suryanarayanan, V.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article2524
192018Whirligig-inspired triboelectric nanogenerator with ultrahigh specific output as reliable portable instant power supply for personal health monitoring devicesTang Q.; Yeh M.-H.; Liu G.; Li S.; Chen J.; Bai Y.; Feng L.; Lai M.; Ho K.-C. ; Guo H.; Hu C.journal article4747