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12012A fully integrated humidity sensor system-on-chip fabricated by micro-stamping technologyHuang, C.-W.; Huang, Y.-J.; Lu, S.-S.; Lin, C.-T.; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
22017A real-time contactless pulse rate and motion status monitoring system based on complexion trackingNai-Kuan Choujournal article
32015A room-temperature operation formaldehyde sensing material printed using blends of reduced graphene oxide and poly(methyl methacrylate)Chuang, W.-Y.; Yang, S.-Y.; Wu, W.-J.; Lin, C.-T.; CHIH-TING LIN journal article
42014An ionic-polymer-metallic composite actuator for reconfigurable antennas in mobile devicesGUO-DUNG JOHN SU ; TAH HSIUNG CHU journal article
52014Bidirectional and multi-user telerehabilitation system: Clinical effect on balance, functional activity, and satisfaction in patients with chronic stroke living in long-term care facilitiesJIN-SHIN LAI ; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Chen, Chin-Hsing; Chang, Jung-Shen; Chen, You-Yin; Huang, Wen-Tzeng; Lai, Jin-Shin ; Yu, Shang-Ming; Chang, Yuan-Jen; �L����journal article
62017Characterizations of anti-alpha-fetoprotein- conjugated magnetic nanoparticles associated with alpha-fetoprotein for biomedical applicationsKAI-WEN HUANGjournal article
72012Design and fabrication of a large-stroke deformable mirror using a gear-shape ionic-conductive polymer metal compositeGUO-DUNG JOHN SU journal article
82015Electrothermally-actuated micromirrors with bimorph actuators—bending-type and torsion-typeJUI-CHE TSAI journal article
92014Emotion recognition from single-trial EEG based on kernel fisher's emotion pattern and imbalanced quasiconformal kernel support vector machineCHIEN-TE WU; Liu, Yi-Hung; Wu, Chien-Te; Cheng, Wei-Teng; Hsiao, Yu-Tsung; Chen, Po-Ming; Teng, Jyh-Tongjournal article
102014Enhance the pyroelectricity of polyvinylidene fluoride by graphene-oxide dopingWEI-LI HSU; Hu, Yuh-Chung; Hsu, Wei-Li; Wang, Yi-Ta; Ho, Cheng-Tao; Chang, Pei-Zen journal article
112012Experimental investigation of the cross-sensitivity and size effects of polyvinylidene fluoride film sensors on modal testingChuang, K.-C.; Ma, C.-C.; Liou, H.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA journal article
122014First-principles surface stress calculations and multiscale deformation analysis of a self-assembled monolayer adsorbed on a micro-cantileverShih, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-S.; Wu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article
132013Long-wavelength infrared sensing by cytochrome C protein thin film deposited by the spin coating methodGUO-DUNG JOHN SU journal article
142015Mapping the salinity gradient in a microfluidic device with schlieren imagingCHEN-LI SUN journal article
152016Microfluidic surface plasmon resonance sensors: From principles to point-of-care applicationsSHIH-KANG FAN journal article
162013A novel sensor platform matching the improved version of IPMVP option C for measuring energy savingsTseng Y.-C.; Lee D.-S.; Lin C.-F. ; Chang C.-Y.journal article
172016A photoactivated gas detector for toluene sensing at room temperature based on new coral-like ZnO nanostructure arraysYeh L.-K.; Luo J.-C.; Chen M.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Chen J.-Z.; Cheng I.-C.; Hsu C.-C. ; Tian W.-C.journal article
182014Post-impact fatigue damage monitoring using fiber bragg grating sensorsShin, C.-S.; Liaw, S.-K.; Yang, S.-W.; CHOW-SHING SHIN journal article
192013Sensing Performance of Precisely Ordered TiO2 Nanowire Gas Sensors Fabricated by Electron-Beam LithographyWEI-CHENG TIAN journal article
202015Temporal and spatial denoising of depth mapsSAO-JIE CHEN journal article