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12015Active and passive methods of detecting Parkinson's diseaseHSIU-HSI CHEN ; Wen, Chiung-Jung; Yen, Amy Ming-Fang; Chiu, Sherry Yueh-Hsia; Chen, Sam Li-Sheng; Fann, Jean Ching-Yuan; Hwang, Yuarn-Chung; Chen, Ta-Fu; Wen, Ying-Rong; Liou, Horng-Huei; Chen, Hsiu-Hsijournal article00
22002Aging and current perception threshold measured by neurometer in normal Taiwanese adults [1]CHIN-HSIAO TSENGjournal article55
32011Alendronate and risk of esophageal cancer: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article1817
42010Association between early and late catheter removal and outcome of elderly patients with catheter-related bloodstream infection and persistent bacteremia caused by methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusPO-REN HSUEHjournal article21
52017Association of Dietary Patterns With Global and Domain-Specific Cognitive Decline in Chinese ElderlyYEN-CHING CHEN ; YA-FANG CHEN journal article1111
62015Bryant sign in an elderly WomanCHENG-MAW HOjournal article21
71995Clinical spectrum of tuberculosis in older patientsCHONG-JEN YU journal article
81995Clinical Spectrum of Tuberculosis in Older PatientsLI-NA LEEjournal article4135
91995Clinical spectrum of tuberculosis in older patientsLI-NA LEEjournal article
102005Community-acquired thoracic empyema in older peopleJIH-SHUIN JERNG ; CHONG-JEN YU journal article2022
112011Comparative effectiveness of different chemotherapeutic regimens on survival of people aged 66 and older with stage III colon cancer: A "real world" analysis using Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare dataFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article1821
122018Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban, and Warfarin in the Oldest Adults with Atrial Fibrillation in TaiwanMIN-TSUN LIAO ; CHAO LUN LAI ; TING TSE LIN ; Chen, Ho-Minjournal article67
132010Declining incidence of nonbacteremic pneumococcal ppneumonia in hospitalized elderly patients at a tertiary care hospital after the introduction of pneumococcal vaccines in Taiwan, 2004 to 2008PO-REN HSUEHjournal article67
142010Diagnostic value of procalcitonin for bacterial infection in elderly patients in the emergency departmentPO-REN HSUEH; SHEY-YING CHENjournal article4444
152016Effect of Frail Phenotype on Bone Mass and Vertebral Compression Fracture in Individuals Undergoing DialysisChao, Chia-Ter; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Huang, Jenq-Wen; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Chan, Ding-Chengjournal article108
162014Effects of a modified hospital elder life program on frailty in individuals undergoing major elective abdominal surgeryCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN; I-RUE LAIjournal article2322
172010Emergence of rifampicin resistance during rifampicin-containing treatment in elderly patients with persistent methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteremiaPO-REN HSUEHjournal article129
182011Erratum: Larger body mass index and waist circumference are associated with lower mortality in chinese long- term care facility residents (J Am Geriatr Soc (2010) 58 (2092-2098))KUO-CHIN HUANG journal article00
192016Fatigued Elderly Adults with End-Stage Renal Disease are More Likely to have Low Bone Mass than those Who are not FatiguedChao, Chia-Ter; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Bair, Ming-Jongjournal article22
202009High oxidative stress is correlated with frailty in elderly ChinesePO-HSIU KUO journal article7560