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12013Advanced glycation end product Nε-carboxymethyllysine induces endothelial cell injury: The involvement of SHP-1-regulated VEGFR-2 dephosphorylationSHING-HWA LIU Journal of Pathology 1919
22016ALK oncoproteins in atypical inflammatory myofibroblastic tumours: Novel RRBP1-ALK fusions in epithelioid inflammatory myofibroblastic sarcomaJEN-CHIEH LEEJournal of Pathology 5551
32006Differential expression of glucocorticoid receptor in human breast tissues and related neoplasmsLien, H.-C.; Lu, Y.-S.; Cheng, A.-L.; Chang, W.-C.; Jeng, Y.-M.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Huang, C.-S.; Chang, K.-J.; Yao, Y.-T.; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG; YUNG-MING JENG; HUANG-CHUN LIEN; ANN-LII CHENGJournal of Pathology 4646
42001Expression of mutant nuclea β-catenin correlates with non-invasive hepatolocellular carcinoma, absence of portal vein spread, and good prognosisYUNG-MING JENGJournal of Pathology 00
52020Inflammatory macrophages switch to CCL17-expressing phenotype and promote peritoneal fibrosisYi-Ting Chen; Hao Hsu; Chi-Chun Lin; Szu-Yu Pan; Shin-Yun Liu; Ching-Fang Wu; Pei-Zhen Tsai; Chia-Te Liao; HUI-TENG CHENG ; Wen-Chih Chiang; Shuei-Liong Lin; Yung-Ming Chen; Tzong-Shinn ChuJournal of Pathology 2121
62017Microinsertions in PRKACA cause activation of the protein kinase A pathway in cardiac myxomaYUNG-MING JENGJournal of Pathology 1110
72003Re: Sedivy et al. Short-term rhythmic proliferation of human breast cancer cell lines: Surface effects and fractal growth patterns. J Pathol 2002; 197: 163-169 (multiple letters)Chung, H.-W.; Chung, H.-J.; Wang, F.-N.; Sedivy, R.; Thurner, S.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Journal of Pathology 00
82006Stathmin overexpression cooperates with p53 mutation and osteopontin overexpression, and is associated with tumour progression, early recurrence, and poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinomaPO-HUANG LEE; RAY-HWANG YUAN; YUNG-MING JENG; Hui-Ling Chen Journal of Pathology 130123
92013The stem cell E3-ligase Lin-41 promotes liver cancer progression through inhibition of microRNA-mediated gene silencingRAY-HWANG YUAN; YUNG-MING JENGJournal of Pathology 2325