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12016A study of cloud microphysics and precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau by radar observations and cloud-resolving model simulationsGao, W.; Sui, C.-H.; Fan, J.; Hu, Z.; Zhong, L.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Journal of Geophysical Research 2725
21991An equilibrium model for the coupled ocean-atmosphere boundary layer in the tropicsSui, C.-H.; Lau, K.-M.; Betts, A.K.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Journal of Geophysical Research 15
31993Blocking of the Kuroshio by the continental shelf northeast of TaiwanJOE WANG Journal of Geophysical Research 
42014CMIP5 model simulations of the impacts of the two types of El ni?o on the U.S. winter temperatureZou, Y.; Yu, J.-Y.; Lee, T.; Lu, M.-M. ; Kim, S.T.Journal of Geophysical Research 2725
52016Deep convection in elliptical and polygonal eyewalls of tropical cyclonesKuo, H.-C. ; Cheng, W.-Y.; Yang, Y.-T.; Hendricks, E.A.; Peng, M.S.Journal of Geophysical Research 66
62010High wintertime particulate matter pollution over an offshore island (Kinmen) off southeastern China: An overviewHsu, S. C.; JR-CHUAN HUANG ; I-I LIN Journal of Geophysical Research 7055
71991Observations of cloud cluster hierarchies over the tropical western PacificLau, K.M.; Nakazawa, T.; Sui, C.H.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Journal of Geophysical Research 56
82017Relation between precipitation location and antecedent/ subsequent soil moisture spatial patternsHsu, H.; Lo, M.-H. ; Guillod, B.P.; Miralles, D.G.; Kumar, S.Journal of Geophysical Research 2421
91992Response of Kuroshio upwelling to the onset of northeast monssoon in the sea north of Taiwan: Observations and numerical simulationCHING-LING WEI; CHING-LING WEI Journal of Geophysical Research 
101992Response of Kuroshio upwelling to the onset of the northeast monsoon in the sea north of Taiwan: observations and a numerical simulationKon-Kee Liu; Gwo-Ching Gong; Chung-Zen Shyu; Su-Cheng Pai; Ching-Ling Wei; Shenn-Yu Chao; SU-CHENG PAI Journal of Geophysical Research 121
111992The intrusion of the Kuroshio across the continental shelf northeast of TaiwanJOE WANG Journal of Geophysical Research 
122015Vertical structure and physical processes of the madden-julian oscillation: Exploring key model physics in climate simulationsJiang, X.; Waliser, D.E.; Xavier, P.K.; Petch, J.; Klingaman, N.P.; Woolnough, S.J.; Guan, B.; Bellon, G.; Crueger, T.; DeMott, C.; Hannay, C.; Lin, H.; Hu, W.; Kim, D.; Lappen, C.-L.; Lu, M.-M. ; Ma, H.-Y.; Miyakawa, T.; Ridout, J.A.; Schubert, S.D.; Scinocca, J.; Seo, K.-H.; Shindo, E.; Song, X.; Stan, C.; Tseng, W.-L.; Wang, W.; Wu, T.; Wu, X.; Wyser, K.; Zhang, G.J.; Zhu, H.Journal of Geophysical Research 263255