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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Applying fatigue practice guidelines in clinical care: Examples of adult leukemia patientsSHIOW-CHING SHUN Journal of Nursing 00
22006Applying health beliefs to mothers who join in newborn hearing screeningWU-SHIUN HSIEH Journal of Nursing 
32014Applying root cause analysis to promote the medication safety of continuous drug infusions for infantsYA-LING YANG Journal of Nursing 10
42009Applying uncertainty theory in caring for the family of a von willebrand disease patient experiencing first time upper gastrointestinal bleedingSHIOW-CHING SHUN Journal of Nursing 
52010Calamitous moments: Rethinking the ethics of post disaster psychological reconstruction programsLin, Y.-S.; YAW-SHENG LIN Journal of Nursing 1
62014Centennial retrospective on the evolution and development of nursing education in TaiwanJournal of Nursing 20
72012Challenges and strategies for nursing education in Taiwan from a public health needs perspectiveJournal of Nursing 00
82009Diabetes case managementJournal of Nursing 
92012Elder resilience: A concept analysisJournal of Nursing 
102010Emotional awareness and interpersonal adjustment in a manic patientSHING-CHIA CHEN Journal of Nursing 
112011Ethics and laws related to human subject researchJournal of Nursing 
122017Factors associated with successful smoking cessation in male patients with coronary artery disease at 3 months after hospital dischargeYEN-WEN WUJournal of Nursing 20
132006Introduction to ethnographic decision tree modelingJournal of Nursing 
142011Issues related to quality of life measures for persons with dementiaJournal of Nursing 
152008Legal perspectives on the role function of emergency room nurses in child abuseJournal of Nursing 
162014Mental health mainstreaming: Promotion and recoveryJournal of Nursing 10
172010Nursing care of a preschool-age child with cellulites induced by phagocyte deficiencyBIH-SHYA GAU Journal of Nursing 
182011Nursing education: Integrating gender equity consciousnessYA-LING YANG Journal of Nursing 
192009Oral care practice and procedures in intubated patients: An observational studyMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing 
202011Palliative care for persons with dementiaJournal of Nursing