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12002Cardiac glycosides induce resistance to tubulin-dependent anticancer drugs in androgen-independent human prostate cancer.CHE-MING TENGJournal of biomedical science 
22002Inhibition of Ras-mediated cell proliferation by benzyloxybenzaldehyde.CHE-MING TENGJournal of biomedical science 
32002Protection by tetramethylpyrazine in acute absolute ethanol-induced gastric lesions.LEAN-TEIK HUANG Journal of biomedical science 79
42002Repeated DNA vaccinations elicited qualitatively different cytotoxic T lymphocytes and improved protective antitumor effects.WEN-FANG CHENGJournal of biomedical science 
52017Therapeutic efficacy of pentoxifylline on proteinuria and renal progression: an update.SHUEI-LIONG LIN; TUN-JUN TSAI; WEN-CHIH CHIANG; YUNG-MING CHENJournal of biomedical science 1715