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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12017Comparisons of Risk Factors for Intracerebral Hemorrhage versus Ischemic Stroke in Chinese PatientsJIANN-SHING JENGNeuroepidemiology 87
22008Optic neuritis among national health insurance enrollees in Taiwan, 2000-2004LIN-CHUNG WOUNG Neuroepidemiology 1918
32004Relation between motorcycle helmet use and cervical spinal cord injuryJAU-YIH TSAUO; Lin, MR; Tsauo, JY; Hwang, HF; Chen, CY; Tsai, LW; Chiu, WTNeuroepidemiology 2320
42012Risk of Alzheimer's disease in relation to diabetes: A population-based cohort studyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG Neuroepidemiology 9594