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12005A novel right-angled ligand that forms polymeric metal-organic frameworks with nanometer-sized square cavitiesWong, K.-T.; Liao, Y.-L.; Peng, Y.-C.; Wang, C.-C.; Lin, S.-Y.; Yang, C.-H.; Tseng, S.-M.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG ; KEN-TSUNG WONG Crystal Growth and Design 2927
22014Anion-controlled dielectric behavior of homochiral tryptophan-based metal-organic frameworksMendiratta, S.; Usman, M.; Luo, T.-T.; Chang, B.-C.; Lee, S.-F.; Lin, Y.-C.; Lu, K.-L.; YING-CHIH LIN Crystal Growth and Design 4646
32004Crystal Engineering of Luminescent Gold(I) Compounds of 2-Amino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazolate and 6-Amino-2-mercaptobenzothiazolateTzeng, Biing-Chiau; Huang, Yung-Chi; Wu, Wan-Min; Lee, Shih-Yang; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming; SHIE-MING PENG Crystal Growth and Design 3734
42008Domain matching epitaxial growth of high-quality ZnO film using a Y2O3 buffer layer on Si (111)Liu, W-R; Li, Y-H; Hsieh, WF; Hsu, C-H; Lee, WC; Lee, YJ; Hong, M; Kwo, J; MINGHWEI HONG Crystal Growth and Design 
52007From hydrogen-bonded net-to-net framework to twofold interpenetrated (4,6) net: Effect of ligand topology on the supramolecular structural diversityZhou, L.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, C.; Wang, C.; Shi, Q.; Peng, S.; SHIE-MING PENG Crystal Growth and Design 7169
62017Precise Facet Engineering of Perovskite Single Crystals by Ligand-Mediated StrategyJao, M.-H.; Lu, C.-F.; Tai, P.-Y.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU Crystal Growth and Design 2626
72008Preparation of fluorescent tellurium nanowires at room temperatureLin, Z.-H.; Yang, Z.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Crystal Growth and Design 134129
82004Self-assembly of gold(I) compounds with (aza-15-crown-5)dithiocarbamate and 2-mercapto-4-methyl-5-thiazoleacetic acidTzeng, B.-C.; Liu, W.-H.; Liao, J.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Crystal Growth and Design 2625
92007Subtle structural changes in coordination chains: Influence of the flexibility of the precursor liggnds and of the solventWang, C.-J.; Ma, H.-R.; Wang, Y.-Y.; Liu, P.; Zhou, L.-J.; Shi, Q.-Z.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Crystal Growth and Design 3030