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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014Canyon-infilling and gas hydrate occurrences in the frontal fold of the offshore accretionary wedge off southern TaiwanLin, C.-C.; Lin, A.T.-S.; Liu, C.-S.; Horng, C.-S.; Chen, G.-Y.; Wang, Y.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Marine Geophysical Research 
22012Characteristics of the outer rise seaward of the Manila Trench and implications in Taiwan-Luzon convergent belt, South China SeaChang, Jih Hsin; Yu, Ho Shing; Lee, Tung Yi; HO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Tsai, You TsungMarine Geophysical Research 
32012Crustal features of the northeastern South China Sea: Insights from seismic and magnetic interpretationsYeh, Y.-C.; Hsu, S.-K.; Doo, W.-B.; Sibuet, J.-C.; Liu, C.-S.; Lee, C.-S.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Marine Geophysical Research 
42012Crustal velocity structure off SW Taiwan in the northernmost South China Sea imaged from TAIGER OBS and MCS dataDeng, J.-M.; Wang, T.K.; Yang, B.J.; Lee, C.-S.; Liu, C.-S.; Chen, S.-C.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Marine Geophysical Research 
52012Deriving regional vertical fluid migration rates offshore southwestern Taiwan using bottom-simulating reflectorsChen, L.; Chi, W.-C.; Liu, C.-S.; Shyu, C.-T.; Wang, Y.; Lu, C.-Y.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Marine Geophysical Research 
62012Introduction to the TAIGER special issue of Marine Geophysical ResearchCHAR-SHINE LIU Marine Geophysical Research 
72015Morphology, seismic characteristics and development of the sediment dispersal system along the Taiwan–Luzon convergent marginCHIH-CHIEH SU Marine Geophysical Research 
82018/12/1Seismic imaging of the Formosa Ridge cold seep site offshore of southwestern TaiwanHO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Morita, Sumito; Tu, Shu Lin; SAULWOOD LIN ; Machiyama, Hideaki; Azuma, Wataru; Ku, Chia Yen; Chen, Song ChuenMarine Geophysical Research 
92016The suppression of coherent noise from another airgun source in marine multi-channel seismic dataHO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Chang, Jih Hsin; Tsai, You Tsung; Chiu, Shye DonqMarine Geophysical Research