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11998Abnormal urodynamic findings after radical hysterectomy or pelvic irradiation for cervical cancerHO-HSIUNG LIN; BOR-CHING SHEUjournal article4336
21995Bowen's disease and Bowenoid papulosis of the vulva [9]MING-YIH WUjournal article75
32008Clinical trial experience with prophylactic HPV 6/11/16/18 VLP vaccine in young women from the Asia-Pacific regionLI-MIN HUANG ; Tay, EH; Garland, S; Tay, E.H.; Tang, G; Garland, S.; Tang, G.; Nolan, T; Nolan, T.; Huang, LM; Orloski, L; Huang, L.-M.; Orloski, L.; Lu, S ; Barr, E.; Lu, S.journal article1919
42003Diagnosis of fetal acrania during the first trimester nuchal translucency screening for Down syndromeJIN-CHUNG SHIHjournal article66
51996Emergent and elective cervical cerclage for cervical incompetenceYU-SHIH YANG; HONG-NERNG HO; MING-YIH WUjournal article2217
62010Factors associated with failure to achieve birth emphasizing a successful singleton at term following in vitro fertilizationYU-SHIH YANG; YIH-RON LIENjournal article11
71998Fluorescence microsatellite analysis to study the parental origin of the supernumerary chromosome in Down's syndromeLI-HUI TSENG ; HSIAO-LIN HWAjournal article21
82011Impact of various treatment modalities on the outcome of stage IB1-IIA cervical adenocarcinomaCHI-AN CHEN; WEN-FANG CHENG; CHEN, YU-LI; HO, CHIH-MING; CHEN, CHI-AN; CHIANG, YING-CHENG; HUANG, CHIA-YEN; HSIEH, CHANG-YAO; CHENG, WEN-FANGjournal article34
91999Laminaria and sulprostone in second trimester pregnancy termination for fetal abnormalitiesHSIAO-LIN HWAjournal article64
101999Lipoleiomyoma of the uterusBOR-CHING SHEUjournal article3424
111996Malignant ovarian germ cell tumorsRUEY-JIEN CHEN; JEHN-HSIAHN YANG; CHIN-DER CHEN journal article2518
121995Monoclonal antibody-defined lymphocyte subsets in cervical carcinomaRUEY-JIEN CHENjournal article
131994Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia during pregnancy and postpartum periodRUEY-JIEN CHENjournal article
142000Primary ovarian pregnancyJIN-CHUNG SHIHjournal article75
152017Risk factors associated with failure of treatment for cesarean scar pregnancyJEHN-HSIAHN YANG; SHIN-YU LIN; JIN-CHUNG SHIH; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article22
161998Second-trimester genetic amniocentesis in twin pregnancyLI-HUI TSENG ; HSIAO-LIN HWAjournal article118
171995Synchronous primary carcinomas of the endometrium and ovaryHO-HSIUNG LIN; KUANG-HAN CHAO; BOR-CHING SHEU; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article4438
181994Uterine and intestinal perforation during first-trimester elective abortionRUEY-JIEN CHENjournal article