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12016A set of GFP-based organelle marker lines combined with DsRed-based gateway vectors for subcellular localization study in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Wu, T.-M.; Lin, K.-C.; Liau, W.-S.; Chao, Y.-Y.; Yang, L.-H.; Chen, S.-Y.; Lu, C.-A.; Hong, C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article1413
22004Chalcone synthase as a reporter in virus-induced gene silencing studies of flower senescenceChen, J.-C.; Jiang, C.-Z.; Gookin, T.E.; Hunter, D.A.; Clark, D.G.; Reid, M.S.; JEN-CHIH CHEN journal article141124
32014Divergence of the expression and subcellular localization of CCR4-associated factor 1 (CAF1) deadenylase proteins in Oryza sativaChou, W.-L.; Huang, L.-F.; Fang, J.-C.; Yeh, C.-H.; Hong, C.-Y.; Wu, S.-J.; Lu, C.-A.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2016
42012Ds transposon is biased towards providing splice donor sites for exonization in transgenic tobaccoHuang, K.-C.; Yang, H.-C.; Li, K.-T.; Liu, L.D.; Charng, Y.-C.; LI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article66
52014Expression of a gene encoding a rice RING zinc-finger protein, OsRZFP34, enhances stomata openingHsu, K.-H.; CHWAN-YANG HONG et al. journal article2019
62013Functional characterization of an abiotic stress-inducible transcription factor AtERF53 in Arabidopsis thalianaHsieh, E.-J.; Cheng, M.-C.; Lin, T.-P.; TSAN-PIAO LIN journal article4040
72015Gene knockout of glutathione reductase 3 results in increased sensitivity to salt stress in riceWu, T.-M.; Lin, W.-R.; Kao, C.H.; Hong, C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2323
82007Global functional analyses of rice promoters by genomics approachesYu, S.-M.; Ko, S.-S.; Hong, C.-Y.; Sun, H.-J.; Hsing, Y.-I.; Tong, C.-G.; Ho, T.-H.D.; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Yu, Su-May; Ko, Swee-Suak; Hong, Chwan-Yang ; Sun, Hsou-Jan; Hsing, Yue-Ie; Tong, Chii-Gong; Ho, Tuan-Hua Davidjournal article1310
92015Hygromycin B-induced cell death is partly mediated by reactive oxygen species in rice (Oryza sativa L.)Oung, H.-M.; Lin, K.-C.; Wu, T.-M.; Ch; rika, N.N.P.; Hong, C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article43
102013Identification and characterization of a novel chloroplast/mitochondria co-localized glutathione reductase 3 involved in salt stress response in riceWu, T.-M.; Lin, W.-R.; Kao, Y.-T.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Yeh, C.-H.; Hong, C.-Y.; Kao, C.H.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article3225
112014Identification and characterization of the microRNA transcriptome of a moth orchid Phalaenopsis aphroditeChao, Y.-T.; Su, C.-L.; Jean, W.-H.; Chen, W.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.A.; Shih, M.-C.; YAO-CHIEN CHANG journal article1919
122015Identification of ICE1 as a negative regulator of ABA-dependent pathways in seeds and seedlings of ArabidopsisLiang, C.-H.; Yang, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHIH YANG journal article89
131992Isolation and sequences of rice sucrose synthase cDNA and genomic DNARONG-HUAY JUANG ; AI-YU WANG journal article3639
141999Molecular characterization of catalytic-subunit cDNA sequences encoding protein phosphatases 1 and 2A and study of their roles in the gibberellin-dependent Osamy-c expression in riceChang, M.; Wang, B.; Chen, X.; Wu, R.; MEN-CHI CHANG journal article1818
151992Presence of three rice sucrose synthase genes as revealed by cloning and sequencing of cDNARONG-HUAY JUANG ; AI-YU WANG journal article2827
162012Serotonin accumulation in transgenic rice by over-expressing tryptophan decarboxlyase results in a dark brown phenotype and stunted growthKanjanaphachoat, P.; Wei, B.-Y.; Lo, S.-F.; Wang, I.-W.; Yu, S.-M.; Wang, C.-S.; Yen, M.-L.; Chiu, S.-H.; Lai, C.-C.; Chen, L.-J.; SHENG-HSIEN CHIU journal article3026