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12012A treatment for the stratocumulus-to-cumulus transition in GCMsCHIEN-MING WU journal article33
22016An ENSO prediction approach based on ocean conditions and ocean–atmosphere couplingYU-HENG TSENG journal article119
32011Buoyancy reversal, decoupling and the transition from stratocumulus to shallow cumulus topped marine boundary layersCHIEN-MING WU journal article2217
42018Circulation responses to regional aerosol climate forcing in summer over East AsiaChen, G.; Wang, W.-C.; Chen, J.-P. journal article43
52016Diagnosing the possible dynamics controlling Sahel precipitation in the short-range ensemble community atmospheric model hindcastsYU-HENG TSENG ; MIN-HUI LO journal article22
62016Does vertical temperature gradient of the atmosphere matter for El Niño development?YU-HENG TSENG journal article31
72018Impact of a shallow groundwater table on the global water cycle in the IPSL land?Vatmosphere coupled modelWang, F.; Ducharne, A.; Cheruy, F.; Lo, M.-H. ; Grandpeix, J.-Y.Journal Article22
82011Impact of land surface processes on the South American warm season climateCHIEN-MING WU journal article2020
92016Impacts of ENSO diversity on the western Pacific and North Pacific subtropical highs during boreal summerPaek, H.; Yu, J.-Y.; Zheng, F.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article108
102016Interdecadal change in the lagged relationship between the Pacific–South American pattern and ENSOYU-HENG TSENG journal article129
112016Linking a sea level pressure anomaly dipole over North America to the central Pacific El NiñoYU-HENG TSENG journal article1312
122018A long-term tropical mesoscale convective systems dataset based on a novel objective automatic tracking algorithmHuang, Xiaomeng; Hu, Chenqi; Huang, Xing; Chu, Yang; YU-HENG TSENG ; Zhang, Guang Jun; Lin, Yanluanjournal article86
132012Possible connection between summer tropical cyclone frequency and spring Arctic Oscillation over East AsiaCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article2323
142016Potential negative effects of groundwater dynamics on dry season convection in the Amazon River basinMIN-HUI LO journal article44
152015Prediction of Meiyu rainfall in Taiwan by multi-lead physical?Vempirical modelsYim, S.-Y.; Wang, B.; Xing, W.; Lu, M.-M. Journal Article99
162015Reconstruction of the springtime East Asian subtropical jet and western pacific pattern from a millennial-length Taiwanese tree-ring chronologySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article54
172014The impact of South Pacific extratropical forcing on ENSO and comparisons with the North PacificYU-HENG TSENG journal article4744