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12016Amino acid transporters implicated in endocytosis of Buchnera during symbiont transmission in the pea aphid.Hsiao-Ling Lu; Chun-Che Chang; Alex C C Wilson; CHUN-CHE CHANG journal article43
22016Ontogenetic differences in localization of glutamine transporter ApGLNT1 in the pea aphid demonstrate that mechanisms of host/symbiont integration are not similar in the maternal versus embryonic bacteriomeLu, H.-L.; Price, D.R.G.; Wikramanayake, A.; Chang, C.-C.; Wilson, A.C.C.; CHUN-CHE CHANG journal article76
32014Posterior localization of ApVas1 positions the preformed germ plasm in the sexual oviparous pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisumLin, G.-W.; Cook, C.E.; Miura, T.; Chang, C.-C.; CHUN-CHE CHANG journal article1110