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12009An explicit-form solution to the plane elasticity and thermoelasticity problems for anisotropic and inhomogeneous solidsTokovyy, Yu. V.; Ma, Chien-Ching; Tokovyy, Y.; Ma, C.-C.; CHIEN-CHING MA ; Tokovyy, Yu. V.; Ma, Chien-Ching journal article88
21996Analytical Transient Analysis of Layered Composite Medium Subjected to Dynamic Inplane Impact LoadingsMa, Chien-Ching ; Huang, Kuo-Chengjournal article
32012Concentrated impact loading on one face of a semi-infinite crack in an anisotropic elastic materialWu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article32
41997Dynamic Fracture Analysis of a Finite Crack Subjected to an Incident Horizontally Polarized Shear WaveIng, Yi-Shyong; Ma, Chien-Ching journal article
52008Dynamic interfacial crack propagation in elastic�Vpiezoelectric bi-materials subjected to uniformly distributed loadingChen, Xi-Hong; Ma, Chien-Ching ; Ing, Yi-Shyong; Tsai, Chung-Hanjournal article
61987Dynamic Mode I And Mode II Crack Kinking Including Delay Time EffectsMa, Chien-Ching ; Burgers, P.journal article
72001Dynamic Responses of a Layered Medium Subjected to Anti-plane LoadingsMa, Chien-Ching ; Liu, Shaw-Wen; Lee, Genn-Shengjournal article
82013Effect of friction on the planar elastica constrained inside a circular channel with clearanceCHIH-WEN LIU journal article22
91991Exact Transient Solutions of Buried Dynamic Point Forces and Dislocations for an Elastic Half SpaceTsai, Chwan-Huei; Ma, Chien-Ching journal article
101996Exact transient solutions of buried dynamic point forces for elastic bimaterialsMa, C.-C.; Huang, K.-C.Ma, Chien-Ching; Huang, Kuo-Cheng; Ma, Chien-Ching ; CHIEN-CHING MA ; Huang, Kuo-Chengjournal article109
112016Investigating dynamic transient behavior of Timoshenko cantilever beam by theoretical analysis, numerical calculation and experimental measurementCHIEN-CHING MA journal article44
122014Investigations on vibration characteristics of two-layered piezoceramic disksCHIEN-CHING MA journal article1110
131986Mode III Crack Kinking With Delay Time: An Analytical ApproximationMa, Chien-Ching ; Burgers, P.journal article
142003NDE of metal damage: Ultrasonics with a damage mechanics modelYeh, H.-Y.; Cheng, J.-H.; JUNG-HO CHENG journal article2623
152000On an elliptic crack embedded in an anisotropic materialWu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article1211
161996Stress analysis of anisotropic elastic V-notched bodiesWu, K.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article1613
171998Texture development and plastic anisotropy of B.C.C. Strain hardening sheet metalsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article2121
182010The degeneration of image singularities from anisotropic materials to isotropic materials for an elastic half-planeLin, Ru-Li; Ma, Chien-Ching; Lin, Ru-Li; CHIEN-CHING MA ; Ma, Chien-Ching ; Bos, Paula D.journal article00
191995The elastic fields of a dislocation in ananisotropic stripWu, K.-C.; Chid, Y.-T.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article2220
201998The elastic fields of a line force or dislocation in an anisotropic wedgeWu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article43