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12016A predictive product attribute driven eco-design process using depth-first searchKuo, T.-C.; Smith, S.; Smith, G.C.; Huang, S.H.; SHANA SMITH Journal of Cleaner Production 2521
22016Carbon sequestration and substitution potential of subtropical mountain Sugi plantation forests in central TaiwanFang-Chih Chang; Chun-Han Ko; Ping-Yuan Yang; Kun-Sheng Chen; Keng-Hao Chang; CHUN-HAN KO Journal of Cleaner Production 77
32017Development of high-gravity technology for removing particulate and gaseous pollutant emissions: Principles and applicationsSHU-YUAN PAN ; Wang, P.; Chen, Q.; Jiang, W.; Chu, Y.-H.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 3734
42013Disassembly and recycling cost analysis of waste notebook and the efficiency improvement by re-design processFan, S.-K.S.; Fan, C.; Yang, J.-H.; Liu, K.F.-R.; CHIHHAO FAN Journal of Cleaner Production 3429
52018Energy-efficient resin wafer electrodeionization for impaired water reclamationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Snyder, S.W.; Ma, H.-W.; Lin, Y.J.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 2418
62015High-gravity carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag for CO2 fixation and utilization in blended cementKUAN-HUNG CHEN; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHUN-TAO CHEN; YI-HUNG CHEN; PEN-CHI CHIANGJournal of Cleaner Production 4138
72015Identification of the driving force of waste generation using a high-resolution waste input-output tableLiao, M.-I.; Chen, P.-C.; Ma, H.-W.; Nakamura, S.; HWONG-WEN MA Journal of Cleaner Production 3330
82016Integrated and innovative steel slag utilization for iron reclamation, green material production and CO<inf>2</inf> fixation via accelerated carbonationSHU-YUAN PAN ; Adhikari, R.; Chen, Y.-H.; Li, P.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 127114
92016Life cycle assessment of bioethanol production from three feedstocks and two fermentation waste reutilization schemesFang-Chih Chang; Lang-Dong Lin; Chun-Han Ko; Hsin-Chuan Hsieh; Bing-Yuan Yang; Wen-Hua Chen; Wen-Song Hwang; CHUN-HAN KO Journal of Cleaner Production 2119
102014Measuring the reduction limit of repeated recycling - a case study of the paper flow systemChen, P.-C.; Chiu, M.-C.; Ma, H.-W.; HWONG-WEN MA Journal of Cleaner Production 2015
112013Pursuing Extended Producer Responsibility in the Context of EIPs by a Hotelling ModelYenming Chen; Jiuh-Biing Sheu; JIUH-BIING SHEU Journal of Cleaner Production 1511
122014Strategies on implementation of waste-to-energy (WTE) supply chain for circular economy system: A reviewSHU-YUAN PAN ; Du, M.A.; Huang, I.-T.; Liu, I.-H.; Chang, E.-E.; Chiang, P.-C.Journal of Cleaner Production 328290
132014Substance flow analysis for nickel in mainland China in 2009Huang, C.-L.; Vause, J.; Ma, H.-W.; Li, Y.; Yu, C.-P.; HWONG-WEN MA Journal of Cleaner Production 3933
142013Trace anthropogenic arsenic in Taiwan-substance flow analysis as a tool for environmental risk managementChen, P.-C.; Su, H.-J.; Ma, H.-W.; HWONG-WEN MA Journal of Cleaner Production 2521
152015Water footprint analysis of bioethanol energy crops in Taiwan.Su MH, Huang CH, Li WY, Tso CT and Lur HS*Journal of Cleaner Production 5451
162015Water footprint analysis of bioethanol energy crops in Taiwan.Su MH; Huang CH; Li WY; Tso CT and Lur HS Journal of Cleaner Production 5449