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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006Bayesian state and parameter estimation of uncertain dynamical systemsChing, J.; Beck, J.L.; Porter, K.A.; JIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 191162
22009Equivalence between reliability and factor of safetyChing, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, J.Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 2928
32010Evaluating small failure probabilities of multiple limit states by parallel subset simulationHsu, W.-C.; Ching, J.; Hsu, Wei-Chih; JIAN-YE CHING ; Ching, Jianye; Chen, I-MingProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics 4839
42005Hybrid Subset Simulation method for reliability estimation of dynamical systems subject to stochastic excitationJIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 9370
52007Local estimation of failure probability function and its confidence interval with maximum entropy principleJIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 8873
61999Modified model for the estimation of fatigue life derived from random vibration theoryLiou, H.Y.; Wu, W.F.; Shin, C.S.; CHOW-SHING SHIN Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 3631
72016On characterizing spatially variable soil shear strength using spatial averageJIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 2827
82007Real-time reliability estimation for serviceability limit states in structures with uncertain dynamic excitation and incomplete output dataJIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 3731
92016Undrained strength for a 3D spatially variable clay column subjected to compression or shearChing, J.; Lee, S.-W.; Phoon, K.-K.; JIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 2217
102009Updating real-time reliability of instrumented systems with stochastic simulationChing, J.; Hsieh, Y.-H.; JIAN-YE CHING Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics 1210