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12011Ab initio studies of spin-spiral waves and exchange interactions in 3d transition metal atomic chainsGUANG-YU GUO journal article2323
22002Ab initio studies of structural stability and magnetism in Ni<inf>3</inf>InGUANG-YU GUO journal article910
32010Accurate description of the optical response of a multilayered spherical system in the long wavelength approximationGUANG-YU GUO journal article910
42012Anomalous and spin Hall effects in hcp cobalt from GGA+U calculationsGUANG-YU GUO journal article1313
52015Anomalous Hall effect and current spin polarization in Co2FeX Heusler compounds (X= Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, and Sn): A systematic ab initio studyGUANG-YU GUO journal article1615
62001Anomalous Hall effect of Nd0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films with large magnetoresistance ratio: Evidence of Berry phase effectLI-MIN WANG journal article17
72010Anomalous integer quantum Hall effect in AA -stacked bilayer grapheneGUANG-YU GUO journal article3324
82004Anomalous magnetotransport in SrRuO3 films: A crossover from Fermi-liquid to non-Fermi-liquid behaviorLI-MIN WANG journal article2827
92014Anomalous Nernst and Hall effects in magnetized platinum and palladiumGUANG-YU GUO journal article3637
102003Anomalous spin polarization and dualistic electronic nature of Cro<inf>2</inf>GUANG-YU GUO journal article2121
112015Antiferromagnetic spin structure and negative thermal expansion of Li&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt;Ni(WO&lt;inf&gt;4&lt;/inf&gt;)&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt;GUANG-YU GUO journal article66
122015Antiferromagnetism of Ni2NbBO6 with S=1 dimer quasi-one-dimensional armchair chainsGUANG-YU GUO journal article34
132009Artificial magnetism and anticrossing interaction in photonic crystals and split-ring structuresFelbacq, D.; RUEY-LIN CHERN ; Chern, R. L.journal article1912
141996Ballistic composite fermions in semiconductor nanostructuresCHI-TE LIANG journal article55
152003Band-gap dependence of field emission from one-dimensional nanostructures grown on n-type and p-type silicon substratesYANG-FANG CHEN journal article4439
161996Bulk versus edge in the quantum Hall effectYEONG-CHUAN KAO journal article1312
172000Carrier-carrier scattering in GaAs/Al<inf>x</inf>Ga<inf>1-x</inf>As quantum wellsCHI-KUANG SUN journal article
182014Central role of domain wall depinning for perpendicular magnetization switching driven by spin torque from the spin Hall effectLee, O.J.; Liu, L.Q.; Pai, C.F.; Li, Y.; Tseng, H.W.; Gowtham, P.G.; Park, J.P.; Ralph, D.C.; Buhrman, R.A.; CHI-FENG PAI journal article148149
191999Characteristics of flux pinning in YBa2Cu3Oy/PrBa2Cu3O y superlatticesLI-MIN WANG journal article28
202014Characteristics of the phase transition near 147 K in Sr 3 Ir 4 Sn 13LI-MIN WANG journal article3131