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12007An experimental study on Γ(2) modular symmetry in the quantum Hall system with a small spin splittingHuang, C.F.; Chang, Y.H.; Cheng, H.H.; Yang, Z.P.; Yeh, H.D.; Hsu, C.H.; Liang, C.-T.; Hang, D.R.; Lin, H.H.; CHI-TE LIANG ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ; HAO-HSIUNG LIN Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 1111
22015Atomic-scale mapping of electronic structures across heterointerfaces by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopyChiu, Y.-P.; Huang, B.-C.; Shih, M.-C.; Huang, P.-C.; Chen, C.-W.; YA-PING CHIU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 00
32001Coulomb charging effects in an open quantum dot deviceTkachenko, O.A.; Tkachenko, V.A.; Baksheyev, D.G.; Liang, C.-T.; Simmons, M.Y.; Smith, C.G.; Ritchie, D.A.; Kim, G.-H.; Pepper, M.; CHI-TE LIANG Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 1517
42006Dynamical properties of confined supercooled water: An NMR studyMallamace, F.; Broccio, M.; Corsaro, C.; Faraone, A.; Liu, L.; Mou, C.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 4951
52009Early structural development in melt-quenched polymer PTT from atomistic molecular dynamic simulationsHsieh, M.-K.; Lin, S.-T.; SHIANG-TAI LIN Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 22
62006Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the optical and electrical properties of InN epilayersYANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 1010
72011Elasticity of smectic liquid crystals with focal conic domainsFujii, S.; Komura, S.; Ishii, Y.; Lu, C-Y D.; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 2020
82012Insulator, semiclassical oscillations and quantum Hall liquids at low magnetic fieldsLo, S.-T.; Wang, Y.-T.; Bohra, G.; Comfort, E.; Lin, T.-Y.; Kang, M.-G.; Strasser, G.; Bird, J.P.; Huang, C.F.; Lin, L.-H.; Chen, J.C.; Liang, C.-T.; CHI-TE LIANG Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 66
92013Longitudinal and transverse Hall resistivities in NaFe1-xCo xAs single crystals with x = 0.022 and 0.0205: Weak pinning and anomalous electrical transport propertiesWang, L.M.; Wang, C.-Y.; Sou, U.-C.; Yang, H.C.; Chang, L.J.; Redding, C.; Song, Y.; Dai, P.; Zhang, C.; LI-MIN WANG Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 910
101998Magnetic-field-induced anomalous phase transitions in p-SiGe/Si heterostructuresLin, T.Y.; Tsai, M.S.; Chen, Y.F.; Fang, F.F.; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 99
111996Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of ultrathin Fe films on Ni(110)D\\u; GUANG-YU GUO Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 97
121999Magnetocrystalline anisotropy oscillations predicted in Fe/Au(001) superlatticesGuo, G.Y.; GUANG-YU GUO Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 1316
132004Measurements of composite fermion conductivity dependence on carrier densityCHI-TE LIANG Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 22
142015Mn vacancy defects, grain boundaries, and A-phase stability of helimagnet MnSiCHONG-DER HU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 11
152006Modulation spectroscopy study of the effects of growth interruptions on the interfaces of GaAsSb/GaAs multiple quantum wellsHsu, H. P.; Sitarek, P.; Huang, Y. S.; Liu, P.W.; Lin, J.M.; Lin, H. H.; Tiong, K.K.; HAO-HSIUNG LIN Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 65
162008Probing Landau quantization with the presence of insulator-quantum Hall transitions in two-dimensional GaAs electron systemsK. Y. Chen,; CHI-TE LIANG ; HAO-HSIUNG LINet al. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 1413
172012Probing temperature-driven flow lines in a gated two-dimensional electron gas with tunable spin-splittingWang, Y.-T.; CHI-TE LIANG ; YUAN-HUEI CHANG et al. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 78
182016Quantum criticality of the two-channel pseudogap Anderson model: Universal scaling in linear and non-linear conductanceWu, T.-P.; Wang, X.-Q.; Guo, G.-Y.; ers, F.; Chung, C.-H.; GUANG-YU GUO Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 11
192006Quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering investigation of fragile-to-strong crossover in deeply supercooled water confined in nanoporous silica matricesLiu, L.; Chen, S.-H.; Faraone, A.; Yen, C.-W.; Mou, C.-Y.; Kolesnikov, A.I.; Mamontov, E.; Leao, J.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 8589
202004Slow dynamics of supercooled water confined in nanoporous silica materialsLiu, L.; Faraone, A.; Mou, C.-Y.; Yen, C.-W.; Chen, S.-H.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 8392