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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12016A bioeroding foraminifer, Hyrrokkin sarcophaga, on deepwater corals from the South China SeaCheng, Y.-R.; Dai, C.-F.; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 22
22013Alveopora japonica beds thriving under kelpDenis, V.; Chen, C.A.; Song, J.I.; Woo, S.; VIANNEY DENIS Coral Reefs 1415
32013An abrupt backreef infilling in a Holocene reef, Paraoir, Northwestern Luzon, PhilippinesGong, S.-Y.; Wu, T.-R.; Siringan, F.P.; Lin, K.; Shen, C.-C.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Coral Reefs 66
42014Can benthic algae mediate larval behavior and settlement of the coral Acropora muricata?Denis, V.; Loubeyres, M.; Doo, S.S.; de Palmas, S.; Keshavmurthy, S.; Hsieh, H.J.; Chen, C.A.; VIANNEY DENIS Coral Reefs 33
52010Endosymbiotic copepods may feed on zooxanthellae from their coral host, Pocillopora damicornisCheng, Y. R.; CHANG-FENG DAI ; Dai, C. F.Coral Reefs 98
62011Holocene uplifted coral reefs in Lanyu and Lutao Islands to the southeast of TaiwanWEN-SHAN CHEN ; Inoue, S.; Kayanne, H.; Matta, N.; Chen, W.S.; Ikeda, Y.Coral Reefs 1414
72011Is the response of coral calcification to seawater acidification related to nutrient loading?VIANNEY DENIS Coral Reefs 7273
82004Local phase shift from Acropora-dominant to Condylactis-dominant community in the Tiao-Shi Reef, Kenting National Park, southern TaiwanCHANG-FENG DAI ; Chen, Chaolun Allen; Dai, Chang-Feng Coral Reefs 3334
92011Sclerite calcification and reef-building in the fleshy octocoral genus Sinularia (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea)Jeng, M.-S.; Huang, H.-D.; Dai, C.-F.; Hsiao, Y.-C.; Benayahu, Y.; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 3434
102003Spatial and temporal variation of coral recruitment in TaiwanSoong, Keryea; Chen, Ming-hui; Chen, Chao-lun; Dai, Chang-feng; Fan, Tung-yung; Li, Jan-jung; Fan, Honmin; Kuo, Kun-ming; Hsieh, Hernyi; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 3130
112009Subtidal sabellarid reefs in Hualien, eastern TaiwanChen, Chienhsun; Dai, Chang-Feng; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 63
122015Symbiodinium spp. associated with high-latitude scleractinian corals from Jeju Island, South KoreaDe Palmas, S.; Denis, V.; Ribas-Deulofeu, L.; Loubeyres, M.; Woo, S.; Hwang, S.J.; Song, J.I.; Chen, C.A.; VIANNEY DENIS Coral Reefs 2019
132009The infection process of the reef coral Stylophora pistillata by the parasitic copepod, Xarifia obesaCheng, Y.-R.; Dai, C.-F.; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 107
142005Timing of larval release by the blue coral, Heliopora coerulea, in southern TaiwanLiu, P. J.; Fan, T. Y.; Dai, C. F.; CHANG-FENG DAI Coral Reefs 511