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12011A case study of aerosol processing and evolution in summer in New York CitySun, Y. L.; Zhang, Q.; Schwab, J. J.; Chen, W. N.; Bae, M. S.; Lin, Y. C.; Hung, H. M.; Demerjian, K. L.; HUI-MING HUNG journal article3426
22015A numerical study of convection in rainbands of Typhoon Morakot (2009) with extreme rainfall: Roles of pressure perturbations with low-level wind maximaWang, C.-C.; Kuo, H.-C.; Johnson, R.H.; Lee, C.-Y.; Huang, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; HUNG-CHI KUO journal article1110
32013A statistical-numerical aerosol parameterization schemeChen, J. -P.; Tsai, I-C.; Lin, Y. -C.; JEN-PING CHEN journal article44
42011Aerosol nucleation spikes in the planetary boundary layerChen, J. -P.; Tsai, T. -S.; Liu, S. -C.; JEN-PING CHEN journal article88
52012Characterization of near-highway submicron aerosols in New York City with a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometerSun, Y. L.; HUI-MING HUNG journal article3632
62011Characterization of the sources and processes of organic and inorganic aerosols in New York city with a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass apectrometerSun, Y. L.; HUI-MING HUNG journal article206195
72004Effects of the physical state of tropospheric ammonium-sulfate-nitrate particles on global aerosol direct radiative forcingMartin, S. T.; Hung, H. M.; Park, R. J.; Jacob, D. J.; Spurr, R. J. D.; Chance, K. V.; Chin, M.; HUI-MING HUNG journal article126118
82015Estimating Ground-level PM2.5 in Eastern China Using Aerosol Optical Depth Determined from the GOCI Satellite InstrumentPO-HSIUNG LIN; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article
92016Impact of an improved WRF urban canopy model on diurnal air temperature simulation over northern TaiwanJR-CHUAN HUANG journal article1414
102019Kinetic mass-transfer calculation of water isotope fractionation due to cloud microphysics in a regional meteorological modelTsai, I.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; Chen, J.-P. ; Liang, M.-C.journal article00
112013New particle growth and shrinkage observed in subtropical environmentsYUNG-LING LEE journal article3332
122016A numerical study of back-building process in a quasistationary rainband with extreme rainfall over northern Taiwan during 11-12 June 2012Wang, C.-C.; Chiou, B.-K.; Chen, G.T.-J.; Kuo, H.-C. ; Liu, C.-H.journal article98
132008Parameterizing ice nucleation rates using contact angle and activation energy derived from laboratory dataChen, JP; Hazra, A; Levin, Z; JEN-PING CHEN journal article7577
142012Seasonal changes in gaseous elemental mercury in relation to monsoon cycling over the northern South China SeaCHUN-MAO TSENG journal article1715
152016Seasonal variations of ultra-fine and submicron aerosols in Taipei, Taiwan: Implications for particle formation processes in a subtropical urban areaSHENG-HSIU HUANG journal article65
162010Sulfur cycle and sulfate radiative forcing simulated from a coupled global climate-chemistry modelTsai, IC; Chen, JP; Lin, PY; Wang, WC; Isaksen, ISA; JEN-PING CHEN journal article1816
172011Toward unification of the multiscale modeling of the atmosphereArakawa, A.; Jung, J.-H.; Wu, C.-M.; CHIEN-MING WU journal article9587
182015Ultraviolet and visible complex refractive indices of secondary organic material produced by photooxidation of the aromatic compounds toluene and m-xyleneLiu, P. F.; Abdelmalki, N.; Hung, H. M.; Wang, Y.; Brune, W. H.; Martin, S. T.; HUI-MING HUNG journal article6261