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12004Cardiac troponin I levels are a risk factor for mortality and multiple organ failure in noncardiac critically ill patients and have an additive effect to the APACHE II score in outcome predictionANG YUAN; WEN-JONE CHENShock 7674
22012Central venous oxygen saturation under non-protocolized resuscitation is not related to survival in severe sepsis or septic shockJIH-SHUIN JERNG; Chung, Kuei-Pin; Chang, Hou-Tai; Chong-Jen Yu; Huang, Yen-Tsung; KUEI-PIN CHUNG; CHAO-CHI HO; Liao, Chun-Hsing; Ho, Chao-Chi; Jerng, Jih-Shuin; Yu, Chong-JenShock 1516
32005Effect of different resuscitation fluids on cytokine response in a rat model of hemorrhagic shockWEN-CHU CHIANG; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; ZUI-SHEN YEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; WEN-JONE CHENShock 4343
42012Effects of eritoran tetrasodium, a toll-like receptor 4 antagonist, on intestinal microcirculation in endotoxemic rats.Yeh, Yu-Chang; Ko, Wen-Je; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; Fan, Shou-Zen; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Cheng, Ya-Jung; Sun, Wei-Zen孫維仁; 蔡瑞章; 范守仁; 柯文哲; 詹光政; 葉育彰; 鄭雅蓉; Yeh, Yu-Chang; YA-JUNG CHENG; KUANG-CHEGN CHAN; SHOU-ZEN FAN; WEI-ZEN SUNShock 1213
52007Effects of thermal preconditioning on the ischemia-reperfusion-induced acute lung injury in minipigsLuh, S.-P.; Kuo, P.-H.; Kuo, T.-F.; Tsai, T.-P.; Tsao, T.C.-Y.; Chen, J.-Y.; Tsai, C.-H.; Yang, P.-C.; PING-HUNG KUO; TZONG-FU KUO Shock 1716
62010Enhanced expression of cardiac nerve growth factor and nerve sprouting markers in rats following gastric perforation: The association with cardiac sympathovagal balanceWEN-MING HSU; Jin-Tung Liang; HONG-SHIEE LAI; KUO-CHU CHANGShock 1011
72007Erythropoietin improves the postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction and survival in the asphyxia-induced cardiac arrest modelCHIEN-HUA HUANG; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; MIN-SHAN TSAI; WEN-JONE CHENShock 2525
82009Evodiamine represses hypoxia-induced inflammatory proteins expression and hypoxia-inducible factor 1α accumulation in RAW264.7JIH-HWA GUH; CHE-MING TENGShock 4546
92012Honokiol attenuates the severity of acute pancreatitis and associated lung injury via acceleration of acinar cell apoptosisTE-I WENG; SHING-HWA LIU Shock 2524
102011Influence of pressure control levels on the pulse pressure variations: An animal study using healthy pigletsLee, C.-H.; Wu, Y.-K.; Wang, J.-Y.; Lan, C.-C.; Lee, C.-Y.; Hsu, K.-Y.; Chao, K.-M.; Chang, H.; JANN-YUAN WANG ; KUN-MA0 CHAO Shock 23
112013Intrapleural steroid instillation for multiple organ failure with acute respiratory distress syndromePEI-MING HUANG; TZU-HSIN LINShock 46
122013Isolated mitochondria infusion mitigates ischemia-reperfusion injury of the liver in ratsHONG-SHIEE LAI; I-RUE LAIShock 3150
132010Moscatilin repressed lipopolysaccharide-induced hif-1α accumulation and NF-κB activation in murine raw264.7 cellsJIH-HWA GUH; CHE-MING TENGShock 1822
142006Parenteral N-3 fatty acids modulate inflammatory and immune response in rats undergoing total gastrectomyPO-HUANG LEE; MING-TSAN LINShock 1313
152011Potent anti-inflammatory effects of denbinobin mediated by dual inhibition of expression of inducible no synthase and cyclooxygenase 2CHIA-RON YANG; CHE-MING TENGShock 2128
162016Prognostic value of B-type natriuretic peptide, leukocytosis, and hyperglycemia in children with severe hand, foot, and mouth diseaseCHIEN-CHANG LEEShock 34
172008Prognostic value of mortality in emergency department sepsis score, procalcitonin, and C-reactive protein in patients with sepsis at the emergency departmentPO-REN HSUEH; SHYR-CHYR CHEN; WEN-CHU CHIANG; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; CHU-LIN TSAI; HSIN-YUN SUN; SHEY-YING CHEN; WEN-JONE CHENShock 8474
182010Pulse pressure power spectrum predicts volume responsiveness in shock patients without sedationJANN-YUAN WANGShock 77
191999Ratio of bacteria to polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) determines PMN fateMING-TSAN LINShock 
202014Role of neutrophil extracellular traps following injuryYUEH-HSUN CHUANG Shock 3943