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12006A behavior based nonlinear multi-agent framework using a hybrid approachLI-CHEN FU journal article
21988A decision-aided algorithm for adaptive equalizers in digital transmissionsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
32003A decomposition methodology for design of mechanisms from functional and structural perspectivesJYH-JONE LEE ; Pai, W.-M.; Chen, D.-Z.; Lee, J.-J.; Wu, T.-M.; JYH-JONE LEE journal article
41994A general solution for the flow into a well from infinite line sources in the river wedgeCHEN-WUING LIU journal article00
52002A generalized version of forward-backward method for the fast analysis of large array problemsHSI-TSENG CHOU journal article
62006A hybrid scheme of signal process techniques to improve the measurement accuracy of antenna radiation patterns inside an anechoic chamberHSI-TSENG CHOU journal article
71997A new approach for time-frequency analysis of heart rate variability and assessment of time-frequency representations​HUI-HSUN HUANG journal article
82004A new boundary integral equation method for analysis of cracked linear elastic bodiesWu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU journal article33
91992A novel correlation-based fft algorithmJA-LING WU journal article10
102014Active radio frequency identification asset tags for positioning: An application of clustering and correlation technologiesLu, Bing-Yuh; JER-JUNN LUH ; Hsueh, Meng-Lun; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Chong, Fok-Ching; Hsieh, Guan-Chyun; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article33
111985AIGaAs/GaAs V-groove channeled substrate buried heterostructure laser diodesSI-CHEN LEE journal article00
121995Amorphous Silicon Thin Film TransistorsSI-CHEN LEE journal article10
131985An AIGaAs/GaAs oxide-stripe double-heterostructure laserSI-CHEN LEE journal article00
142001An approach of source equivalence for the fast analysis of high frequency radio wave problems via uniform geometrical theory of diffractionHSI-TSENG CHOU journal article
151993An improved dc potential drop system for crack length measurementCHOW-SHING SHIN ; Shin, C.-S.; Huang, W.-H.; Chen, H.-Y.; CHOW-SHING SHIN journal article20
162010An unconstrained virtual bone clamper for a knee surgical robot using visual servoing techniquePING-LANG YEN journal article21
172009Analysis of pyramidal block slide induced by seismic excitationChiang, T.-L.; Wang, T.-T.; Lee, K.-C.; Jeng, F.-S.; Chiang, T. L.; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Wang, T. T.; Jeng, K. C.; Lee, F. S.journal article22
181994Analytical prediction of pressure-time curve for free inflation of superplastic sheet into hemispherical domeJUNG-HO CHENG ; Cheng, J.-H.; JUNG-HO CHENG journal article00
191994Application-specific chip design using behavioral silicon compilerLIANG-GEE CHEN journal article00
202010Congestion control of transmission control protocol based on bandwidth estimationFENG-LI LIAN journal article