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12011A novel method for the determination of dynamic resistance for photovoltaic modulesWang, J.-C.; Shieh, J.-C.; Su, Y.-L.; Kuo, K.-C.; Chang, Y.-W.; Liang, Y.-T.; Chou, J.-J.; Liao, K.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO Energy 3734
22010Analysis of multi-pollutant policies for the U.S. power sector under technology and policy uncertainty using MARKALHu, M.-C.; Hobbs, B.F.; MING-CHE HU Energy 4538
32016Assessing the environmental impacts and water consumption of pretreatment and conditioning processes of corn stover hydrolysate liquor in biorefineriesSHU-YUAN PAN ; Lin, Y.J.; Snyder, S.W.; Ma, H.-W.; Chiang, P.-C.Energy 1414
42013Energy consumption characteristics of hotel's marketing preference for guests from regions perspectiveWang, J.C.; Huang, K.-T.; KUO-TSANG HUANG Energy 2727
52013GIS-based biomass resource utilization for rice straw cofiring in the taiwanese power marketHu, M.-C.; Huang, A.-L.; Wen, T.-H.; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; MING-CHE HU Energy 1813
62012Impact of methanol addition strategy on enzymatic transesterification of jatropha oil for biodiesel processingKo, C.-H.; Yeh, K.-W.; Wang, Y.-N.; Wu, C.-H.; Chang, F.-C.; Cheng, M.-H.; Liou, C.-S.; CHUN-HAN KO Energy 1917
72012Persuasive feedback model for inducing energy conservation behaviors of building users based on interaction with a virtual objectChen H.-M.; Lin C.-W.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Chao H.-F.; Chen C.-S.; Shiu R.-S.; Ye S.-R.; Deng Y.-C.Energy ; Buildings 3731
82014Potential bioethanol production from Taiwanese chenopods (Chenopodium formosanum)Yang, B.-Y.; Cheng, M.-H.; Ko, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-N.; Chen, W.-H.; Hwang, W.-S.; Yang, Y.-P.; Chen, H.-T.; Chang, F.-C.; YA-NAN WANG ; CHUN-HAN KO Energy 1212
92012Potentials of lignocellulosic bioethanols produced from hardwood in TaiwanKo, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-N.; Chang, F.-C.; Chen, J.-J.; Chen, W.-H.; Hwang, W.-S.; CHUN-HAN KO Energy 2523
102017Reducing uncertainty accumulation in wind-integrated electrical gridHung T.; Chong J.; Chan K. Energy 77
112016Socioeconomic costs of replacing nuclear power with fossil and renewable energy in TaiwanShih, Y.-H.; Shi, N.-X.; Tseng, C.-H.; SHU-YUAN PAN ; Chiang, P.-C.Energy 2017
122016Stochastic programming and market equilibrium analysis of microgrids energy management systemsHu, M.-C.; Lu, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; MING-CHE HU Energy 4445
132007Study of system dynamics model and control of a high-power LED lighting luminaireHuang B.-J. ; Hsu P.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Tang C.-W.Energy 4941
142014A study of using a thermoelectric generator to harvest energy from a table lampWeng C.-C.; Huang M.-J. Energy 1011
152015Systematic approach for targeting interplant hydrogen networksDeng C.; Zhou Y.; Chen C.-L. ; Feng X.Energy 4435
162014Transshipment model-based linear programming formulation for targeting hybrid power systems with power loss considerationsChen C.-L. ; Lai C.-T.; Lee J.-Y.Energy 1110
172014Transshipment model-based MILP (mixed-integer linear programming) formulation for targeting and design of hybrid power systemsChen C.-L. ; Lai C.-T.; Lee J.-Y.Energy 2721
181989Trends in Unit Energy Consumption: The Performance of End-Use ModelsGranger, C. W. J.; Kuan, Chung-Ming; Mattson, M.; White, H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming Energy 30
192018Upgrading of Jatropha-seed residue after mechanical extraction of oil via torrefactionHsu, Tsung Chi; Chang, Chia Chi; Yuan, Min Hao; Chang, Ching Yuan; Chen, Yi-Hung; CHENG-FANG LIN ; Ji, Dar Ren; Shie, Je Lueng; Manh, Do Van; Wu, Chao Hsiung; Chiang, Sheng Wei; FAR-CHING LIN ; DUU-JONG LEE ; Huang, Michael; Chen, Yen HauEnergy 1112
202018Waste cold energy recovery from liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification including pressure and thermal energyLe S.; Lee J.-Y.; Chen C.-L. Energy 4135