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120166.3 mW 94 GHz CMOS Down-Conversion Mixer with 11.6 dB Gain and 54 dB LO-RF IsolationSHEY-SHI LU journal article99
22013A 0.18-μ m CMOS Dual-band frequency synthesizer with spur reduction calibrationYI-JAN EMERY CHEN journal article1816
32009A 0.6 V low-power wide-range delay-locked loop in 0.18 µm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2920
42008A 0.6 V, 4.32 mW, 68 GHz low phase-noise VCO with intrinsic-tuned technique in 0.13 μm CMOSSHEY-SHI LU journal article2218
52007A 0.6-V low power UWB CMOS LNAYI-JAN EMERY CHEN journal article5833
62014A 1.5-mW, 2.4 GHz quasi-circulator with high transmitter-to-receiver isolation in CMOS technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article109
72015A 1.9 GHz CMOS high isolation absorptive OOK modulatorYI-JAN EMERY CHEN journal article22
82009A 10 GHz phase-locked loop with a compact low-pass filter in 0.18 μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article95
92008A 10-35 GHz low power bulk-driven mixer using 0.13 μm CMOS processKUN-YOU LIN journal article3224
102011A 113.92~118.08GHz injection-locked frequency divider with triple-split-inductor techniqueSHEN-IUAN LIU journal article21
112006A 15-Gb/s 2 : 1 multiplexer in 0.18-mu m CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article1914
122014A 19 GHz CMOS signal generator for 77 GHz FMCW radarsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article62
132010A 2.1 to 6 GHz tunable-band LNA with adaptive frequency responses by transistor size scalingSHEY-SHI LU journal article76
142008A 2.4 GHz fully integrated cascode-cascade CMOS doherty power amplifierYI-JAN EMERY CHEN ; HSIN-SHU CHEN journal article2319
152004A 2.4/3.5/4.9/5.2/5.7-GHZ concurrent multiband low noise amplifier using InGaP/GaAs HBT technologySHEY-SHI LU journal article170
162005A 22-GHz push-push CMOS oscillator using micromachined inductorsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article2721
172005A 24-GHz 3.9-dB NF low-noise amplifier using 0.18 μm CMOS technologyKUN-YOU LIN journal article8366
182009A 240 GHz active balun using 0.13 μm CMOS processKUN-YOU LIN journal article3628
192007A 25-75-GHz Broadband Gilbert-cell Mixer Using 90-nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article7862
202008A 3-5 GHz frequency-tunable receiver frontend for multi-band applicationsLIANG-HUNG LU journal article99