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12016A study on the epitaxial Bi2Se3 thin film grown by vapor phase epitaxyYen-Cheng Lin; Yu-Sung Chen; Chao-Chun Lee; Jen-Kai Wu; Hsin-Yen Lee; Chi-Te Liang; Yuan Huei Chang; YUAN-HUEI CHANG AIP Advances 129
22012Beam model and three dimensional numerical simulations on suspended microchannel resonatorsHuang, K.-R.; Chang, J.-S.; Chao, S.D.; Wu, K.-C.; KUANG-CHONG WU AIP Advances 33
32015The comprehensive study and the reduction of contact resistivity on the n-InGaAs MIS contact system with different inserted insulatorsM. H.Liao ; C. LienAIP Advances 
42015The demonstration of a D-SMT stressor on Ge planer n-MOSFETsM. H.Liao ; P.-G. ChenAIP Advances 
52013The demonstration of nonlinear analytic model for the strain field induced by thermal copper filled TSVs (through silicon via)M. H.Liao ; G.-H. Liu; M.-Y. Yu; C.-H. Chen; C.-X. HongAIP Advances 32
62015The demonstration of the magnetic Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorM. H.Liao ; S.-C. HuangAIP Advances 
72013Improved Si0.5Ge0.5/Si interface quality achieved by the process of low energy hydrogen plasma cleaning and investigation of interface quality with positron annihilation spectroscopyM. H.Liao ; C.-H. ChenAIP Advances 
82012Inhomogeneous linewidth broadening and radiative lifetime dispersion of size dependent direct bandgap radiation in Si quantum dotWu, C.-L.; Lin, G.-R.; GONG-RU LIN AIP Advances 2525
92017The investigation of selfheating effect on Si1-xGex FinFETs with different device structures, Ge concentration, and operated voltagesM. H.Liao ; C.-P. Hsieh; C.-C. LeeAIP Advances 
102016The investigation of the diameter dimension effect on the Si nano-tube transistorsM. H.Liao ; C.-H. Yeh; C.-C. Lee; C.-P. WangAIP Advances 
112016Low-power resistive random access memory by confining the formation of conducting filamentsHuang, Y.-J.; Shen, T.-H.; Lee, L.-H.; Wen, C.-Y.; Lee, S.-C.; SI-CHEN LEE AIP Advances 1415
122014Photo-induced tunneling currents in MOS structures with various HfO 2/SiO2 stacking dielectricsPang, C.-S.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU AIP Advances 76
132013Quantum-mechanical calculation of carrier distribution in MOS accumulation and strong inversion layersLee, C.-W.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU AIP Advances 11
142014Residue-free fabrication of high-performance graphene devices by patterned PMMA stencil maskShih, F.-Y.; Chen, S.-Y.; Liu, C.-H.; Ho, P.-H.; Wu, T.-S.; Chen, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-F.; Wang, W.-H.; YANG-FANG CHEN AIP Advances 69
152014Reversed boiling curve phenomenon on surfaces with interlaced wettabilityPING-HEI CHEN; PING-HEI CHEN AIP Advances 1917
162016Role of fringing field on the electrical characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with co-planar and edge-removed oxidesJENN-GWO HWU AIP Advances 97
172015Scattering mechanisms in shallow undoped Si/SiGe quantum wellsLaroche, D.; Huang, S.-H.; Nielsen, E.; Chuang, Y.; Li, J.-Y.; Liu, C.W.; Lu, T.M.; JIUN-YUN LI ; CHEE-WEE LIU AIP Advances 1714
182018Thickness dependence of electrical conductivity and thermo-electric power of Bi2.0Te2.7Se0.3/Bi0.4Te3.0Sb1.6 thermo-electric devicesM. H.Liao ; K.-C. Huang; F.-A. Tsai; C.-Y. Liu; C. Lien; M.-H. LeeAIP Advances