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12015JMJD2B as a potential diagnostic immunohistochemical marker for hepatocellular carcinoma: A tissue microarray-based studyLIANG-IN LIN; Lu, Jeng-Wei; Ho, Yi-Jung; Lin, Liang-In; Huang, Yen-Chi; Yeh, Kun-Tu; Lin, Yu-Hsiang; Lin, Yueh-Min; Tzeng, Tsai-YuActa Histochemica 710
22016Tissue microarray-based study of hepatocellular carcinoma validating SPIB as potential clinical prognostic markerLIANG-IN LIN; Ho, Yi-Jung; Lin, Yueh-Min; Huang, Yen-Chi; Yeh, Kun-Tu; Lin, Liang-In; Lin, Liang-In; Lu, Jeng-WeiActa Histochemica 510