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12017Evaluation and comparison of the pathogenicity and host immune responses induced by a G2b Taiwan porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (strain Pintung 52) and Its highly cell-culture passaged strain in conventional 5-week-old pigsChang YC; Kao CF; Chang CY; Jeng CR ; Tsai PS; Pang VF; Chiou HY; Peng JY; Cheng IC; Chang HWjournal article1516
22016MicroRNA and pathogenesis of enterovirus infectionSUNG-LIANG YU ; Ho, Bing-Ching; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yu, Sung-Liang ; 楊泮池 ; Chen, Wan-Yu journal article1917
32015Structures and functions of pestivirus glycoproteins: Not simply surface mattersFUN-IN WANG journal article1413