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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015A multifunctional peptide for targeted imaging and chemotherapy for nasopharyngeal and breast cancersHON-MAN LIU journal article32
22013Cationic lipid nanoparticles for therapeutic delivery of siRNA and miRNA to murine liver tumorSHU-HAO HSUjournal article7363
32017Lectin-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles for endoscopic detection of premalignant colonic lesionsChen N.-T.; Souris J.S.; Cheng S.-H.; Chu C.-H.; Wang Y.-C.; Konda V.; Dougherty U.; Bissonnette M.; Mou C.-Y. ; Chen C.-T.; Lo L.-W.journal article1211
42011Photothermolysis of glioblastoma stem-like cells targeted by carbon nanotubes conjugated with CD133 monoclonal antibodyWang, C.-H.; Chiou, S.-H.; Chou, C.-P. ; Chen, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-J.; Peng, C.-A.journal article126115
52016Synergistic antibacterial effects of localized heat and oxidative stress caused by hydroxyl radicals mediated by graphene/iron oxide-based nanocompositesPan, Wen-Yu; MENG-JU LI ; Huang, Chieh-Cheng; Lin, Tzu-Tsen; Hu, Hsin-Yi; Lin, Wei-Chih; Li, Meng-Ju ; Sung, Hsing-Wenjournal article4242
62014The arrhythmogenic effect of self-assembling nanopeptide hydrogel scaffolds on neonatal mouse cardiomyocytesWen-Pin Chen ; Chiu, Yu-Wei; Chen, Wen-Pin; YI-LWUN HO ; Su, Chi-Chang; Lee, Yen-Chia; Hsieh, Pei-Hsing; Ho, Yi-Lwunjournal article107